What to Do When You Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything

morning running

It’s my soul that keeps me running. My body told me to quit a couple of miles ago – Unknown

I was never a big fan of running though I gave it a try last year. I thought that running was something that wasn’t suitable for me. And I never felt like running. So I put it into the most remote place in my mind and concentrated on other things that helped me to maintain my health. I do yoga, kundalini yoga, Pilates.

Why haven’t I felt like running when at the same time my friends seemed to enjoy it? Some of my friends refuse to start their day if they didn’t get their morning run.

Hmm… it got me thinking about a brand new attempt to start running. The more I was considering giving it a new try, the more rationalisations against it would arise in my mind keeping me settled. The more I was waiting for that “I feel like running today” feeling, the more time got wasted. Until I woke up today and decided: That’s it. No more silly excuses not to get healthier by giving running a go.

Why We Don’t Feel Like Doing Anything?

That sluggish feeling crawls in when our energy levels run low. Our energy is our battery. When we don’t carve some time for it during the day or we don’t seem to be concerned to recharge “our batteries” – our energy tank has no power to give in return.

All the stress that we carry around worrying about our to-do lists… Life happens. It all takes energy to get through the day and deal with challenges. And it’s up to us to be in charge of filling the tank duly in time. At least once a day.

Don’t get so carried away with life that you forget to take care of yourself with healthy eating habits and some exercising.

The More You Move, The Better You Feel

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Have you ever woken up and felt like you don’t want to do anything? Energy levels are low, so as your mood and any desire to shift yourself throughout your day using legs…

Why do kids run chasing pigeons in a local park and look so happy, vibrant, energetic and content? Because they find their joy in every step they take and in every movement. They seem to be happy to be able to take themselves from point A to point B. They find joy in every movement because most emotions are created by motion which is absolutely true.

Therefore, the more we move, the better we feel.

Finding Energy and Clearing Your Mind

I woke up today and before my lazy Ego would have a chance to keep me in bed till alarm clock goes nuts, I fled the bedroom. I put on my running clothes, I switched the music on and off I went! Without any unnecessary trains of thoughts why I should have stayed in bed instead. I placed myself in charge of the day and my run and ultimately, my mood.

It took me one deliberate push out of the cozy warm bed to get face to face with the beauty of the refreshing British morning.

Morning Run Lesya Li
Morning Run by Lesya Li

At first it was hard to run without stopping. I couldn’t last for 5 minutes. I couldn’t catch my breath and I felt like giving up and falling unconscious somewhere on the river bank. But then something told me: “Your body is the only place you will ever live. It thanks you for taking such a good care of it today”. And it gave such a powerful boost that I continued till I ran back home after 45 minutes of a running session. Then I did a kundalini yoga practice. I felt refreshed, recharged and energetic enough for everything I settled my mind to for today.

We all equally have 24 hours in a day. And a 1-hour workout is 4% of your day.

Make time for yourself. Have time for yourself. Take care of your body. And you will always have the energy that you need to keep you going and do the things you thought you didn’t feel like doing before! Print this poster and put it on your wall! No excuses.

no excuses

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