What You Need to Know Before Your First Puppy Yoga Class

More and more people around the world are signing up for Puppy Yoga classes because of its growing popularity and proven health benefits.

Puppy Yoga Class

Puppy Yoga class is an amazing practice with countless benefits for you and your dog. Yoga during this session is not rigidly imposed on the puppy whatsoever, and they are free to roam around the class.

The purpose of PupYoga is to have a lovely experience with your puppy and to have mutually relaxing cuddles and affection between puppy and owner while stretching and practicing deep breathing techniques.

Puppy Yoga helps you bond with your puppy

Yoga has great health benefits, and it has been proven in countless studies. It is not clear, however, if yoga has health benefits for puppies, but one thing that is sure among Puppy Yoga practitioners in Yoga Kawa is that the sessions help people bond with their puppies better. 

Your puppy will learn to trust you more, therefore, strengthening your relationship. Improved trust means better behavior from your puppy, especially during training.

Exercise is so much easier when there are puppies around

Yoga is an ancient practice that normally requires a deep focus. However, cute and adorable puppies offer a fun distraction and entertainment during PupYoga.

Puppy Yoga isn’t intense, and it is more about the puppies in the room than the yoga itself. If there is no PupYoga in your area, you can easily do your session at home with your puppy.

PupYoga helps you meet new like-minded people

Have you not been socializing lately? Puppy Yoga sessions are a great way to meet people in an atmosphere that is fun and uninhibited. Being in the presence of puppies creates a playful mood that helps people let their guard down, being more present and at ease.

Puppies make everyone more open and friendly just by their very presence. Bringing your puppy also lets you share the joy of being a pet owner with other participants and gives you more things to talk about.  

Socialization for your puppy

Your puppy will appreciate the socialization they will get during a Puppy Yoga class. They will meet not only other people but also other dog breeds. This will help your puppy get well socialized at an early stage, especially if they live alone with you, and there are no other pets in your vicinity. Puppy Yoga gets them in a new environment and helps them realize that being with other humans is not that scary.

Relaxation for you and your puppy

Much of Puppy Yoga is all about relaxation and breathing exercises. If your puppy is hyperactive, doing some PupYoga will do wonders in helping them to calm down. PupYoga requires exercising, and this will burn off some of your excessive dog’s energy. 

Of course, all the activities will benefit you as well, and you will feel calmer not just with yoga but with the positive presence of puppies that bring in a good vibe.

Puppy Yoga is a great way to instill some discipline in your dog but in a fun way since they get to have relaxing massages that will help soothe and calm them.

After a PupYoga class, you will find that your hyperactive dog seems much calmer and more well-behaved.

Final Thoughts

Yoga has proven benefits when it comes to healing many ailments and improving overall physical health. Although you won’t be doing much yoga in the Puppy Yoga class, you will feel that you have done a lot of yoga because the presence of puppies will increase your energy. 

PupYoga helps you relate with other yoga students and puppy owners to share the yoga experience in a friendly manner. You will come away from Puppy Yoga class recharged and feeling fully alive and physically healthy as if you have done some full-blown Vinyasa Yoga session.

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