How to Plan The Perfect Family Road Trip

Do you have a big family and wish to get the opportunity to make everlasting memories with your children and spouse on a timeless road trip?

Let face it; it can be a big hassle getting all of your kids together and stuffing them into a car for a long and often tedious road trip. The older kids tend to get bored or don’t want to be in a car with their parents or siblings for any prolonged period. The younger kids get restless after being crammed into a car for hours and get into your last nerve, as well as drive the older kids nuts, which ends up creating all kinds of fights in the back seat.

If this sounds all too familiar, but you don’t want to miss out on all the quality bonding time, which is commonly experienced on family trips. Well, then we have the perfect road trip for you that will prove to be incredibly fun and memorable for the entire family!

This road trip is guaranteed to be one of the most memorable bonding experiences that your family will ever share. It involves renting a charter bus and traveling down the east coast from New York to Florida then making a variety of personal stops along the way. 

Pick the Right Vehicle 

Renting the bus is a crucial feature of this trip as it allows for the stress of driving to be removed from you as a parent, which opens up a lot more time for enjoying the journey.

Even though this may seem expensive, it could be a lot more affordable than you may initially think by following a few principles. The expert team over at Price 4 Limo provides some great insight into what to look for when selecting a bus, which you can reference when shopping for these services.

This ends up being well worth the price as it saves you the hassle of having to stuff your big family into a van and listening to them complain the whole time.

This, in turn, allows for you and your spouse to strictly focus on enjoying the trip and creating everlasting memories with your children, as opposed to being forced to drive the whole time and referee backseat fights. 

Pick Your Stops Wisely 

When selecting the stops that you would like to make along the way, make sure you take your children’s opinions into account when planning.

Let each child pick one-stop that they would like to make along the way and then plan your trip around each of their stops. This gives every child something to look forward to as the road trip goes on, as well as allowing for the parents to learn a lot more about their children’s interest and what they value most by exploring the locations which they’ve picked. 

You should not write off large road trips simply because you have a big family. They are too precious of a resource to give up on that easily, and there are simple solutions to get around the problems that are generally associated with them.

In conclusion

If you want to make timeless memories with your family, rent a charter bus, and take it from New York to Florida, then allow each of your children to select one stop along the way.

This keeps the trip exciting and will allow the entire family to learn a bit more about each other throughout the journey.

This family road trip is guaranteed to be a blast for kids of all ages and will undoubtedly allow for plenty of quality bonding time along the way. 

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