6 Reasons Why Camping is Good for Your Health

One of the best ways to immerse yourself in the bounties of nature and rejuvenate your soul is to go camping. Whether you are an adrenaline junkie or a seeker of tranquillity and peace, you can customize camping experience to suit your needs. Go camping to revel in your independence from day-to-day technology. Be free from the constraints of the modern world, and celebrate yourself on this beautiful planet we all call home.

open fire camping in nature under the stars

Camping is good for your health; it does wonders for your mind and body.

Fresh, Clean Air to Your Thoughts

I’m sure that this particular reason for camping is rather intuitive, albeit very important. Almost all of us live in cities steeped in pollution where a breath of fresh, non-rancid air is virtually impossible!

Camping in the wilderness exposes you to dense trees and foliage that is uncommon in cities, and thus provides you with clean, high-oxygen air, which your lungs probably have been begging for.

Every breath in the wild will fill your body with good-quality air, which, in turn, will make you happier and more content. Trees produce oxygen, and with increased oxygen content in your surroundings, your thoughts would feel lighter.

Seamless Workout in the Great Outdoors

Camping forces you to venture out of your sedentary lifestyle and makes it possible for you to have the kind of workout that you cannot enjoy in the city.

You walk across trails, traverse through high or low lands, search and pick the perfect spot for pitching your tent… Then there is the entire activity of setting up camp, putting the tent in place, exploring the area you are visiting, and embarking on fun activities with your friends or family.

Your body and mind, both are exercised without you even realizing it, and your metabolism is boosted. With the constant physical movements made and decision making regarding various aspects of the trip, you are getting a work out unknowingly, which is always the best kind of exercise.

Soak in the Sun

When on a camping trip, surely you want to make as much use of the daylight hours as possible.

Roaming around under the sun all day not only gives your skin a healthy, tanned glow but also enables your body to manufacture and metabolize higher doses of vitamin D.

Increased production and metabolism of vitamin D results in better absorption of micro-nutrients like Calcium and vitamin E, thus giving you stronger bones, organs, hair, skin, and teeth.

The hormone melatonin, which regulates human sleep patterns and feelings of tiredness and depression, is also governed by sunlight. Being in the outdoors and basking in the sunshine can even out imbalances in your body’s melatonin levels, thus resulting in happier moods and better sleep.

Vitamin D is also touted to be important in combating depression; hence, sunlight is essential for maintaining good bodily functions and a healthy, able mind.

Rapid Stress Reduction

You now already know about how sunlight regulates certain human hormones and keeps you happy. However, it also reduces your stress levels.

Being in a serene, beautiful place in nature puts your mind at ease and allows you to be more mindful of your existence.

If you are a multi-tasking, workaholic individual with regular deadlines to meet and the needs of close family and friends to appease routinely – the simple and laborious activities associated with camping are sure to take your mind off everyday life.

Reduced stress results in significantly better moods, better oxygen levels in your body, increased surges of serotonin (otherwise known as the happy hormone) and regulates melatonin levels which as mentioned above helps you sleep and feel better.

Sleep Like a Baby

With increased exercise, less stress, well-regulated levels of hormones, and greater joy felt in just being, there is no doubt that you will sleep soundly and deeply on your camping trip.

After investing the daylight hours in activities and exploration, your body and mind will need to re-charge with restful slumber. However, according to Faveable, it is of utmost importance that you take the perfect camping gear with you. Research your destination and find, among other things, the right tent and sleeping bag to suit your needs.

Good sleep not only reboots your mind but also cleans toxins from your brain and other organs, improves the functioning of all of your systems, keeps you clear-headed and alert, and helps reduce inflammation.

Unplug, Unwind, and Connect with Your Surroundings

Camping trips are the perfect excuse to leave your electronic devices behind. Forget your screens of all shapes and sizes, forget alarms and notifications from work or peers, and just be in the moment.

With no gadgets to distract you from your environment, you have more time and attention to give to yourself, your surroundings, and the people you have with you. Be it your partner, friends, family, or random strangers you meet as campsite buddies, take the opportunity to communicate and connect with them. By truly looking and being mindful of where you are, you may stumble upon species of flora and fauna unknown and unseen before.

Fostering healthy human relationships and reveling in the joy of discovery is sure to help you unwind from your regular breakneck lifestyle and allow you to be truly happy.

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show

Camping trips help you develop new skills, strengthen your bonds of socialization, boost your confidence by attempting new challenges, improve your mood, inspire you, and help re-charge your batteries.

A camping trip may not be a luxurious or extravagant holiday, but it certainly is the kind that your mind and body will thank you for. So, if you feel that your overall health needs a hassle-free recharge, do go camping.

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