Why you Should Visit Paros for Tranquility and Peace

If you are preparing for a holiday and want to enjoy a much-needed peace and quiet to recharge your batteries – you could be looking through a thousand of different destination options and not quite sure where to go as yet.  The Greek island of Paros is one that is perfect for some tranquility giving you time to relax. In this article, we discuss some of its lovely attributes.

white sandy beach and a hammock overlooking the ocean

What is Paros Island Like?

The Beaches

If there is one thing that Paros Island is known for, it’s its stunning beaches.  You can expect clear turquoise waters, and untouched white sands almost wherever you go on the island.  Surrounding the beaches are fantastic jaw-dropping views. One of the top beaches is in Santa Maria, which is near the Naoussa harbor. It’s quite an active beach in terms of water sports and scuba diving.  Ai Yannis may be more up your street if you are looking for some peace. It has gorgeous blue waters with a natural landscape and has lovely bars and restaurants round about.

Ambelas beach is another popular choice.  It’s frequented quite a lot by locals and is more on the quiet side.  It’s near the small, peaceful fishing village Ambelas, so is perfect if you are on the hunt for some fresh fish.  

Molus is absolutely pristine and peaceful. It has clean water, white sand and fabulous views of Naxos. This picturesque environment is enough to give anyone peace of mind.  

best beaches on Paros Island in Greece
It is rather easy to travel around the island with a bus connection, via which you can get to many beaches all around the island. See another post on BEST PAROS BEACHES for more information on where to go. [source]


Paros Island is a great place to get back in touch with nature.  One of the most alluring places to visit when you are there is Paros Park.  When you pay it a visit you will see fantastic rock formations that are unspoiled are a great display of beauty.  Paros Park also has amazing walking paths that are clearly mapped out for your ease – where you can enjoy the beautiful landscape as you wander around.  

There are lots of cycle tours that allow you to see Paros Island in a completely different way, and the exercise is great for creating a sense of vitality and calm.   

There are also wildlife and nature courses that you can take, which can bring its own sense of peace. With the festivals that regularly take place there from June until October – it’s also a fantastic way to enjoy what would be authentic Greece.  

The Local Food and Delicacies

Good food is a great way of exploring the culture and broadening your mind.  Paros does have restaurants throughout the island that caters to tourists who are looking for something more familiar, but you will find that there are so many “tavernas” around the island where you can sample the local cuisine and delicacies.  Seafood, of course, plays a massive part in the food they serve and will be found in most restaurants.

A top tip when ordering food in Paros is don’t look at the menu.  We know that may sound rather silly – but sometimes the best way to order is to ask the chef what the specials are to get the best food.

There are lots of specialties in Paros that includes Petimezinia, which is pumpkin pie, karavalous which is boiled snails topped with a garlic sauce, and kakavia which is kind of like bouillabaisse with fish and vegetables in a soup.  

The History and Architecture

The Cycladic architecture in Paros is known all over the world and can be a great way to immerse yourself in another world and enjoy some escapism.  Some of the traditional villages like Lefkes, Parikia, and Naoussa are perfect spots for admiring perfect construction. You will find fountains, monasteries, castles and more.  

You will also find beautiful hidden lanes everywhere you go, and each of them a surprise.  There’s the infamous Parian marble wherever you go in Paros, which is used to build stunning mansions and whitewashed houses that are unique to this island.  The villas are just as marvelous and provide a truly magical place for people to stay. If you have a look at the Paros villas on Blue Villas Collection, you’ll get a sense of just how luxurious they are. Not only do they come with all the amenities you could need, but some of the architecture is to die for.  

Another key sight that you’ll see are the traditional windmills and gorgeous churches –all of which normally comes with a perfect view of the sea.  There are lots of monuments from the Archaic, Byzantine and Venetian period, and will be able to enjoy true art. What Paros has to offer comes with a certain charm that you won’t find in other destinations.  

If you are looking to relax and rejuvenate – then Paros Island would definitely be on our list of top destinations for you to try out.  

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