10 Reasons You Should NEVER Give Up

There could be all sorts of different situations in our life when the time comes and we feel that we are about to give up. Sometimes we give up before we even started doing something new. Sometimes we give up just before making this huge breakthrough to success just because we saw how much effort should go through in order to succeed and it can really scare us. Don’t give up beforehand!

10 Reasons You Should Never Give UP

1. Everything Is Possible

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Frankly speaking and this is my personal belief that unless you are dead you have absolutely no good reason to say you cannot succeed. NO EXCUSES! You are alive! You are free to learn new ways in order to ACCOMPLISH a masterpiece plan if the previous one didn’t work out as you wished. Stop quitting your dreams. We all learn and teach each other. We all become better at things by TRYING.

Nothing is impossible, the word itself says ‘I’m possible’!  – Audrey Hepburn

2. Get Real

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Anything takes time. In order to get better at anything spend some quality time practicing. Practice makes things perfect. There was a time when I thought that it would be impossible for me to ever learn another language. But one day I have heard a beautiful song by Natalia Oreiro and I wanted to know what she was singing about. I started translating my favorite songs from Spanish and learning by all other means possible. I never thought I would be speaking Spanish, but I did what I always wanted! I learned how to speak and write in Spanish although I was pretty “sure” with the help of my doubts that I wouldn’t. Screw the doubts. Practice!

Our doubts are traitors and make us lose the good that we often may win. By fearing to attempt. –  William Shakespeare

3. Be Strong Like an Oak

You are stronger than you think. 1,2 or even 3 little failures are not enough to stop you from achieving your goals. Your goals are far greater than all of the doubts. Imagine a little oak tree. Did it stop growing every time it was facing harsh winds? NO. So why should you stop? You are alive, aren’t you? So you have no good reason to give up. Period.

Success will never be a big step in the future, success is a small step taken just now. – Jonatan Mårtensson

4. This Was Done Before

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What are your goals? Did anyone succeed before at what you are trying to achieve at now? Even if there was only one person in the world who has done what you want to do – it tells you only one thing – whatever your goal is – IT IS POSSIBLE to achieve!

5. Get Inspired. Inspire Others

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Be a living inspiration for others and refuse to give up. Who knows what someone else can achieve by listening to your motivational stories how it was tough and you were about to quit, but you never caved in and succeeded! Learn from the best and make it happen! And then motivate others to go beyond their personal limits.

6. Make It Visible

The road to success is full of challenges. Always. You have to be daring. No time to play it shy and invisible!  Come out of the shadow and show yourself to the world. You can and will achieve all you want because you’ve decided to do so.

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7. The Fellowship Of Success

If you are dreaming of becoming a scuba diver, for example, and you have no one among your friends who shares the same interest – that’s a good time to think about a new circle of people you need to create. It’s great to be among people who share the similar goals & beliefs as you are. And if your goal is to be successful – be around successful people you can learn a lot from.

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8. Improve The World

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When you accomplish everything you set out to achieve, you can use your success to make a change in the world. Individual effort makes a huge difference. If you can change the world of one person, you can change the world.

9. You deserve to be happy

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Do not ever let anyone tell you otherwise. You deserve happiness and success. Keep this attitude way up high and never give up until you reach your destination.

10. You are so close…


There are loads of people out there eager to tell you that the goals you put on the map are impossible to achieve due to their own limiting beliefs. But who are they to decide and set YOUR LIMITS? Often when you feel that you are about to give up you are the closest to making a huge breakthrough! At any point in time, you’re always just on the verge of success. Keep going until you hit your gold mine! Never give up!

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Lesya Li

Lesya Li

Founder, Head of Content at HavingTime
Lesya Li is a founder of HavingTime – a digitally native story magazine for people that need to share inspiration and be inspired.
Lesya Li
Lesya Li
  • shutupviv

    Wonderdul advice – perseverance is so important!

  • Muideen Bola

    This is great and motivating article I really love it.

  • Joe Travel Blogs

    I love this it is so motivational!

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    This got to me, very inspiring. Thanks for this.

  • Erika Ravnsborg

    This is very inspiring and amazing. I like how you talk about not giving up in step by step form

  • efi.mk

    Loved the 2nd one…Always works <3

  • thank you so much for sharing such a wonderful article about never give up.. really superb 🙂

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  • Arian

    Thank You so Much i was so close to give up then i found this on Facebook and IT helped so Much ive comed closer and closer to acive my goal (soccer player) i will think about this and Agian Thank You verry Much

  • Eric Dalhoff

    This isn’t helping me at all… NONE of them…

  • Hi

    thank you so much i needed to write a paper on why we should not give up and you helped me and inspired me

  • Liam

    Its hard to give up on something you work so long and hard for but… when you see it and feel it crushing and breaking down in front of you its different. When you hear and when you notice the same things happening just makes you less motivated and makes you not want to work for what you want because you dont want anything anymore. ive noticed in life that no matter what happiness is, isnt. For me i think happiness doesnt exist and i dont think success exists for me. all i feel is sadness and numbness in a way that its killing me from the inside and moving forward or taking that one big step is just not an option anymore because it hurts too much or in a way im too scared because ill be hurt and broken many times afterwards from that leap. i have allot of problems, i have allot of issues, i have allot of sadness & most of all i have allot of failure. I’m nothing to no one and people just leave and never come back takes a hole out of that place inside you and when things change you cant go back. life goes by fast but you dont realise it but you know what happend. Its too difficult to handle it on my own but no one is with me, i cant fight it with my hands but there is no sword. The force of moving forward seems to not be the option everyone is saying it is. its more like a dream then an option because i cant seem to see it or find it no matter how hard i try and no matter how much i hold it in to act like a normal person but im black in the inside and im colorful on the outside because its easier. The day will come and it will open their eyes of why i did it and they will understand all of the reasons of why i could not be helped and why i chose to do it. Its a choice not an option and i chose it because its the better way to stop the pain. Let god deal with me if hes there. if he decides to send me down there i can accept that and if he accepts me up in his world of happiness i would decline and say you dont have true happiness, what you can offer is not what i need. She doesn’t know..and she never will…im her friend…and thats it….im stuck and im worthless. its funny how life keeps going like that, just keeps turning in the right direction but we dont. Accept the fact we arnt happy and accept the fact no one is happy on this entire earth, we all have problems that we cant fix but some people have better then worse and they can get by but i just seem to have the immunity to that. moving forward is like a foreign language to me and everything that that means doesnt make sense because i cant do it. i could never do it and i have to live with the fact that i cant do it and i never will be able to no matter how hard i work for it, no matter how much i want it and no matter how much i beg, plead and hope for it with all of my strength….i can never do it.

    • Jason

      Call me – 720.903.0640 . . . I believe in you . . . and I believe you can do anything. Your heartfelt note made me want to do whatever I can to help you. YOU ARE NOT ALONE . . . and I see you have Faith . . . then, you really know that you are never alone. Let me help you . . . I look forward to hearing from you. – Jason

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    That Helped Me Alot!,I Feel Good Now, Thank So Much:).

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  • Assam

    Nope iam still thinking giving up might be the way to go

  • Niki

    thank u so much. i was about to give up on something very important today. nw i wont i wil fight til i achieve it

    • Dear Niki,
      I am glad and excited that you found this post inspiring and motivational. Remember one thing, that nothing in this world worth having comes easy… but it’s totally worth it. You can do it, you can achieve whatever you set your mind to! I wish you more of that driving positive energy to go further each day and the very best of luck! ;-] xo

  • Anne B.

    This is exactly what I needed today. Thanks.

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    no it was very peastful and helpful sorry i cant spell im only 3

    • heyy

      your soo cool

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    Tks so much …i think i am gonna win the competition which i just was gonna give up on

    • Having Time

      Have the best of luck in everything! Never give up 🙂

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