3 Important Lessons to Learn About Giving

I have overcome some incredibly tough times in my life. I know a lot of strong men and women, like myself, who have had to struggle with the weight of a family on their shoulders. This time of year is the hardest to fight through. As you see the world shift over into holiday cheer and you are bombarded with message after message of what the holidays are all about, I’m here to tell you that it isn’t one particular gift that’s going to win over anyone on your list; it’s the act of giving itself.

In being on the end that has been in need and being someone to give back to the community, I’ve learned some lessons about giving that I’m eager to share with you this holiday season.

3 Important Lessons to Learn About Giving 

#1 Be in the habit of giving, even when it feels like you have nothing to offer.

There are many gifts you can give that won’t cost you a cent. You can donate your time. You can be a friend to someone in need. You can offer advice. In giving when you have little, you are letting the universe know that you aren’t only on the receiving end of generosity, you are willing to give it too. Bill & Melinda Gates once remarked that the incredible thing about their foundation was how being helped inspired many to give. It is but a ripple effect that any of us are capable of starting.

#You make ties to the things that matter to you.

Giving is a bold statement of your values. It means that in a world obsessed with greed and excess, you are ready to share your blessings with others to help their lives feel more abundant. Again, this doesn’t necessarily happen by donating money. You have more to offer the world around you than what is in your wallet.

share your blessings

What we should pray for, however, is strength and resilience. It is with these gifts that we get through the hard times.

#You can feel good about making a change.

There’s a lot of controversy around the idea that no act of kindness is unselfish. Yes, giving makes us feel good. But are you willing to begrudge people in need what you can offer them to keep from being selfish, especially when we find ourselves acting selfishly in other, less impactive areas of our lives?

During the holiday season, we are called to pray to the entity we choose for change, in the world, and in our lives. What we should pray for, however, is strength and resilience. It is with these gifts that we get through the hard times. It is with these gifts that we make it to the place where we can give of ourselves.


Published on: Jan 5, 2017

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