5 Proven Ways to Build Self-Confidence

How to Be Confident: 5 Proven Ways to Build Self-Confidence

It’s important to have a healthy dose of self-confidence that helps you be your best self in your personal and professional life.

 5 Proven Ways to Build Self-Confidence

Self-confidence is a feeling of trust in one’s abilities, qualities, and judgment. Self-confidence is important to your health and psychological well-being and having a healthy level of self-confidence can help you become successful in your personal and professional life.

1. Dedicate Some Aspect of Your Life to Helping Others

Do you ever feel overly selfish or as if you’re not doing enough to help other people? Well, you certainly couldn’t think highly of yourself if you’ve spent the majority of your life serving your own needs. Once you do good for others — from donating money to a worthwhile cause to helping build a new house for a family in need — and possibly change their life for the better, without a doubt, it will leave you feeling accomplished and empowered.

Not sure how to exactly go about it or where to start? Perhaps you need a bit of inspiration. In that case, watch the movie Pay It Forward. Not only will the film inspire you to improve the lives of people around you, but it will also help you view your career or workplace more positively as well.

2. Eat Healthier Each Day, and Don’t Cave

When you take care of your body and eat healthily, think of it as if you’re contributing to your self-confidence bank. As you put more good in, you’ll have more to show for it and likely will end up looking better than ever before. A quick workout session before you head off for coffee with friends is a great way to boost your endorphins, which will give you a healthier state of mind while out and about. Once you grow used to being healthy, you won’t even have to try being confident. 

3. Express Yourself to Someone You Haven’t

I’m not sure how many times I’ve seen people looking to friends or family for advice over a rusty relationship. Betty Loo, from down the lane, may have said something that left you confused, or John could owe you an apology for waking you up in the middle of the night for years. In either case, you should probably say something to them before it eats away at your soul or other aspects of your life. Just be completely honest and don’t let your pride get in the way of it. Because, in the long run, you’ll only make yourself feel worse.

4. Accomplish a Goal That You Put Aside

Sometimes we forget about an old goal we have always wanted to complete but ended up putting on the backburner long ago, never to return. It may be something you’ve tried and gave up, or you got bored of trying to finish what you started. Whenever you do that, it leaves a lingering presence of doubt in yourself, when all you need to do is just give it another shot. Some of our biggest goals take longer to complete, and that’s why you should always keep carving a path toward realizing your dreams. Remember that each step you take, even if it ends up in misery, is one positive step toward success. 

5. Change Up Your Wardrobe

Tired of feeling out of place when the rest of the world is looking spiffy and clean? Then it’s time for you to do some clothes shopping. You can’t expect to feel like a million bucks walking around in something you first wore 10 years ago and which is no longer in fashion. It’s basically like being reborn into a new lifetime whenever you refresh your wardrobe, and there’s no better feeling. Don’t forget to get a sexy new set of lingerie to go with your new look, so you can feel gorgeous no matter with whom or where you choose to spend your time.  

Don’t Ever Give Up on Yourself

Do you need to rise like the phoenix out of the ashes? Only you have the power to change your life, view of the world, and, most importantly, how you add value to your life. Now, go on and make the first step to a better you, but don’t leave the world burned to crispy ash from your awesomeness.

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