5 Simple Ways to Be More Peaceful this Holiday Season

5 Simple Ways to Be More Peaceful this Holiday Season
Please raise your hands those of you who want to be happy, restful and peaceful this Holiday season. Most of us want that, don’t we?
So we go on the quest of finding tools and all the right answers that might help us improve the state of our being, especially when our schedule is crammed with appointments, parties, and gatherings.
No, it’s not a problem to advance our knowledge in that area keeping in mind that all the necessary information is at our fingertips 24/7.
Yet, when it boils down to actually “finding time for ourselves” and applying those new tools, it gets trickier! But the truth is, the busier our life gets before the holidays, the more we desperately need to pause, take a deep breath, and just let ourselves be.

Over the holidays season, our usual routines are disrupted, leaving us feeling unsettled and not that jolly!

I firmly believe that self-care shouldn’t stop just because the festive season is here and it’s still crucial to take the time to look after yourself mindfully – even if it’s just in a small way.

Becoming more mindful and present and peaceful seems unattainable when everything is spinning so fast, and deadlines seem to pile up (as well as Christmas lists).
And yet not only it is possible to become more mindful regardless of busy schedules, but it’s also desirable. I firmly believe that mindfulness will help us all achieve our goals and enjoy our lives to the fullest.
Here’s how you can bring yourself into the present moment every day with these simple daily mindfulness habits.

Being Present Even While Brushing Your Teeth

Turn brushing your teeth routine into a small yet sacred mindfulness ritual. Start with focusing on the taste and smell of the toothpaste, the very motion of the brush and the smooth feeling of your freshly polished teeth. Doing this will help you realize that not a moment goes by which could be labeled as mundane, there could be only a mundane state of mind which you can always change.

When You Take a Shower

Taking a shower could be quickly turned into a gentle yet invigorating meditation practice. Keep your focus on the sensation of the water running and cascading onto your skin, and the beautiful scent of the soap that you are using.

On the Train to Work

The daily commute could be turned into a mindfulness practice as well. Bring yourself back into the present moment by merely clenching and then unclenching your hands. Clench tighter, then release. Now do the same thing with your toes by wiggling them. This is a fantastic physical anchor strong enough to bring you back to the present moment if you space out for a bit now and then.

Whilst Chewing

Mindful eating is an absolute glorious must which includes savoring each bite with all your senses. When we pay attention and stay present in the now while eating a meal, it helps you to listen carefully to your body’s signals, and, as a result, this will lead you to a better relationship with food and much healthier eating habits.

Nothing is a Chore

I used to grit my teeth when I had to do the laundry or wash the floors in the house. I was impatient; I just wanted to push through things and be done with it. Then I decided to change the way I approached those ‘mundane’ tasks. I stopped viewing them as soul-sucking boring chores. Instead, I turned them into mindful moments. I quit rushing through those tasks just to ‘be done with it.’ I slowed down and started noticing little yet significant things such as the way fresh linen smells while am folding it, the way its texture feels on my skin and so on. You can choose and turn any ‘mundane’ moment into a mindful moment.

During the Holiday season, take time for yourself to rest, recharge and be more present.

Not only did mindfulness allowed me to become more aware of my thoughts it also helped me reach deeper into the pool of daily calm; that was life-changing. As my self-awareness increased gradually, I started to notice tiny, yet profound positive changes in my everyday life.
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