Using Tech to Help You Save Time and Enjoy Life More

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“Time is the longest distance between two places.” ― Tennessee Williams

“There’s not enough hours in the day!” You’ve probably used this expression once or 100 times before. We all live busy lives, but how much of your time can you get back if you really make the effort? Technology is one tool that can help you save time, so you can enjoy your life — and not let it pass you by.

Improved Work Productivity

Ever look at the clock during your workday to see it’s four o’clock and you’ve gotten nothing done? Poor productivity habits are probably costing you time, leaving you to work later and longer. The Pomodoro Technique can help you stay on track and stop work from intruding into your personal life. This technique breaks your work into time blocks using a timer. Between each block, which is usually a 25-minute interval, is a 5-minute break. The Pomodoro-based Focus Booster app helps improve your work habits by providing a session timer, time sheets to record your sessions and recordings for accountability. Beat distractions, accomplish more and achieve stress-free work-life balance.

Speedy Mobile Experiences

We spend a lot of time on our phones — no surprise there. The average American adult spends nearly three hours total on their smartphone every day, which totals to about 86 hours per month. In fact, your smartphone is responsible for about 65 percent of overall digital media consumption. One way to cut down time spent on your smartphone is to install one of the fastest mobile processors available, like those in the Qualcomm Snapdragon series. These mobile processors enable faster downloads and charges as well as increased overall efficiency and LTE speeds for a time-saving mobile experience. Eliminate all of the frustration and minutes wasted while waiting for your movie to stream or app to download. Technology should be a friend that enhances your life, not your enemy.

Innovative Online Shopping

As company websites started to become more mobile-friendly, online shopping became a pleasant experience that you can do anywhere, anytime, while riding the bus to work or waiting at the doctor’s office. Amazon is king when it comes to online shopping, offering pretty much anything, from clothes to cleaning supplies (and at great deals). Upgrade your Amazon account to Amazon Prime — and you can get free same-day delivery, which gets your item to you fast. You can also use the subscribe and save feature to set a schedule for receiving a reoccurring essential (like toilet paper) monthly. For deliveries, literally at the push of a button, use Amazon Dash. Choose your device and simply press it to alert Amazon to ship it.

Food Delivery Services

Meal planning. Listing ingredients. Grocery shopping. Unpacking. The food prep, cooking and cleaning up. If you’re not a takeout or fast food junkie, the time it takes to just feed yourself (and family) takes up time and energy. Popular food delivery services like Blue Apron and Sun Basket cut out most of the work by bringing meal kits right to your doorstep. Then you can enjoy the experience of cooking and your meal without the additional hassle. Many services also offer nutrient-based options, so you can eat healthily and conveniently.

Faster Travel

You can call it being locked in your car wasting your life — or you can call it your daily commute. In a typical year, you could spend a total of 5.2 days commuting if you travel for 15 minutes one way or up to over a month commuting if you travel 90 minutes one way. The navigation app Waze can help you reduce your time behind the wheel by being rerouted toward the best alternate route. Use your phone to avoid accidents, road closures/hazards and traffic jams with the real-time help of other users. Just make sure to use your smartphone with caution. Crashing because of taking your eyes off the road will cost you, even more, time and money.

It can be difficult to make time for enjoying moments with loved ones or improving our health. But your devices can help you carve out time in your day for what matters most.

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