7 Effective Ways to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness

7 Effective Ways to Beat Stress and Boost Happiness

Stress has a peculiar way of sneaking up on us when we least expect it, but how we respond is only half the battle…

How to control and beat stress

Keeping stress levels under control is crucial. Excessive stressful conditions can lead to emotional turmoils and physiological imbalances.

Controlling and managing stress smartly is an absolute must for a healthier, more peaceful life. Here are some effective tips for you to help you beat stress and boost happiness:

Develop a perspective

Nothing is permanent, everything is in the constant state of flux. When you find yourself in the middle of a stressful situation, take a few deep breaths, then try to develop a perspective and see the situation five years from now.

Would THIS really have any weight in five years? Does worrying about THIS add up any value to the whole picture? If you haven’t tried the Fear Setting exercise yet, please, take a moment to watch this helpful TED talk right now. 

“I do an exercise called “fear-setting” at least once a quarter, often once a month. It is the most powerful exercise I do.  

Fear-setting has produced my biggest business and personal successes, as well as repeatedly helped me to avoid catastrophic mistakes.” –– Tim Ferriss

Positive retrospection

Whenever something happens outside of our control, a negative narrative tends to jump into action and ‘make sense of it all’ by creating retrospective stories in our mind. Make sure the narrative is positive or at least answers the question: What this situation is here to teach me?   

Find time for self-care. No excuses!

I strongly believe that everyone should find time for self-care –– it’s a must when it comes to improving the quality of life on all levels. Think about it, how can you show up for other people in your life and fulfill your purpose if you made a habit out of running on an empty tank?  

You can’t pour from an empty cup. Take care of yourself first.

Doing a digital detox and reading a book instead, going on vacations, listening to your favorite music, finding time to do yoga before bed and enjoying peaceful hours of repose is important. These activities keep mental turbulences of a daily life at bay thus restoring your inner peace.

Regular exercising can help

Activities like yoga aren’t just associated with improving physical health. They have unique and positive effects on the mind and considered remedial in beating stress. Some of the essential and effective exercising routines include:

  • Pilates
  • Meditation
  • Squats
  • Yoga
  • Tai Chi

Set realistic goals

What is it that you want to achieve? Are you ready to commit to getting what you want? Then start with setting SMART (specific, measurable, attainable, relevant and time-bound) goals that motivate you.

Make sure to write them down in a way that makes them feel tangible and realistic.

Then plan the steps you must take to realize your goal and cross off each one as you work through them.

Avoid toxic people 

Toxicity enters through different doors. It can be the association with toxic companions that leave you feeling distressed and even depressed. Or else it can be a stressful situation that makes things seem extra difficult.

Try to avoid dealing with toxic people and situations and you will see how the state of things will improve in no time. Make your ‘peace of mind’ priority number one.


Stress can really build up if all we think about is work and things that need to be done. It is incredibly important to also find a little bit of time to do things that bring you joy, things that you love.

I know, with busy schedules and deadlines to meet it can seem hard to allocate time for a hobby, but it’s easier than you think. If you really feel crunched for time maybe you can multitask. Put on your favorite songs while you’re cooking, sing along, dance a little. It will do wonders for your emotional well-being.

On weekends and days that you do have more time, try new things. Go to a yoga class, an art class, maybe join a sports team or a book club. Take at least an hour out of your day to just be happy and think of something other than work.

How do you cope with stress? Are there any tricks that you’ve found help you in the workplace? Feel free to share them in the comment section below!

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