7 Keys to Unlock Your Passion and Become Successful

7 Keys to Unlock Your Passion and Become Successful

Is it a mere stroke of luck or should we do something extraordinary to find passion & become successful? What factors might be standing behind success?

7 Keys to Unlock Your Passion and Become Successful

Getting the Right Mindset

Where do we begin? Let’s start with the right mental attitude. Positivity is an effective fuel to fire up our hot air balloon to go places and reach new goals.

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The most common barriers we all have – our limiting beliefs. Once we decide to leave that mind clutter that is holding us back behind, we are good to go beyond those restrictions.

Your approval and your empowering belief that you came here to put a special dent in this universe should guide you onwards.

Believe in yourself.

You CAN achieve your goals. Period.

Good Luck?!

Have you ever heard “He isn’t successful, he is just lucky”? What most didn’t notice was the hard work of that “luck” behind the scenes.

Let’s start with this: all of us, who woke up this morning, should consider themselves extremely lucky.
We are breathing, filling our lungs with fresh air. We can see the world swirling around; we can hear its endless tunes and music. We are too blessed to be stressed. We are SO INCREDIBLY LUCKY already!

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The more grateful we are for what we already have, the greater things will follow shortly after.

The luck loves people who work for their dreams. Nothing works unless you do, right?

Raise your Intuition

Intuition is a great tool when we listen to it. Intuition is that special sensational sonar that scans all the information around us, and it comes up with warnings and endless solutions way faster than we can wrap our conscious mind around it. When we disregard its cautions, and things happen exactly as intuition “predicted” most of us hear that “I TOLD YOU SO” tune mocking our disobedience.

Listen to your intuition. What does it say?

Meditation is a great deal of help in raising awareness and intuition. It keeps you grounded and focused. If you choose to focus on raising your intuition, you will see positive results eventually or instantaneously depending on your efforts. Start practicing. Keep on going.

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Patience is Golden

This factor is one of the most challenging to adopt. Especially if you are a person driven by getting fast results. The timely factor of satisfaction is crucial…

Most of us are getting tired of listening to those miraculous stories of an “overnight success.” It looks easy, almost effortless. Too good to be true, isn’t it?

That’s when real problems start showing up at the doorsteps. We want that success without realizing how far from the truth an “overnight success” really is. The truth stays the same.
Unless we put our mind and effort into reaching all the things that we want, no one and nothing will drive us closer to our goal.

Why rushing things that need vital time to grow?!

We need to understand that sometimes it takes 10 to 20 years to turn your strive for triumph into that “overnight success”! Until then, let’s focus on the things we can do to get there…

“If we only wanted to be happy it would be easy; but we want to be happier than other people, which is almost always difficult since we think them happier than they are,” – Alex Jordan

Skills Sum Up Your Education

It’s vital to know how to use our skills efficiently. Otherwise, it wouldn’t matter how much of them we have in our knowledge library.

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Education never stops when we finish high-school or University. It always continues for the rest of our lives. Our self-education is our prerogative! It’s up to us what books we read, what music we listen to, what movies we watch and what skills we learn to enrich our minds with. Choose wisely.

When I read a book, I always try to sponge in something meaningful. When I nourish my mind with classical or meditative music, I always strive to reach particular goals.

What are your goals? Does self-education matter to you?

Dedication Matters

Ridiculous as this may sound, but at the age of 5 after visiting Bolshoi Ballet, I was convinced I wanted to become a ballerina! What was the matter with me? I was so in love with those graceful movements on stage and the music that touched souls of millions… I confused loving the idea of ballet with an actual dedication to it.

What I am trying to say is this. If you have a goal, and I’m sure, you do, dedicate your time to it.
Don’t just dream about it. Work for it. Step by step. Little by little makes it a lot!

Make a plan. That’s the first step to realize that the journey of making your dreams come true is REAL.
Describe it with all the details you keep in mind. Don’t be afraid. First MAKE IT REAL on paper then in real life as well!

First published Dec 8, 2013

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