Being at Peace With The World and Yourself

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A couple of days ago I went out for a bite with a friend. We had a lot of catching up to do as we haven’t seen each other for quite some time. London was covered with snow. The sun was shining so bright that the mood was nothing but perfect, at peace. We found a cozy place to settle somewhere in Soho. The conversation that I was so looking forward to turned out to be not as positive as I expected. And all thanks to one simple, but sudden question…

Have you ever felt completely at peace with the world?

“You never watch or read any news! Is that because you don’t care about the world or the world’s peace?!” – he fired knocking the wind out of my gut. For a moment, I felt as if I was squashed between the shoulders of my chaotic thoughts and a pile of desires to get back at him. But to my surprise, I froze, suddenly forgetting how to structure sentences.”I just have to stay cool, – I thought to myself. “No punching in the face under any circumstances. Punching would not be Zen at all”. – I recall thinking.

So there I was. Frozen in my place desperately trying to digest that information of my alleged “ignorance” of the world and its peace. But what did it have to do with me choosing not to watch/listen to the news? – I was still wondering, staring at the wall, lost in my own thoughts…

Ok, let me get this straight. To be at peace with yourself is different from the world peace. To be at peace with the world is accepting that you are a tiny part of the large pie of the whole thing.

And at the same time, we have the aim in our hearts to create peace in the world – it is a much bigger task. While you might be a tiny piece of the world’s puzzle, you can make a big impact on the whole thing.

I wasn’t at peace with myself that day. That is why a simple question that had nothing to do with me personally was blown out of proportion in my imagination. First of all, I need to start with myself. I need to figure out what to believe in and how to inspire others with that…

7 Keys to Peace With Yourself

This Day Matters

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Sometimes it seems that during the week “nothing special” happens and we are really looking forward to having a weekend to really “start living”. But the reality is that every day is special and should be treated like one. Every day matters. Because our life is a collection of tiny lives we call “days”.

Energy Wise

Did you really have to charge back at the pizza boy for being too late with your order? Did you really need to be rude to that guy that accidentally stepped on your foot during a rush hour the other day? Think about your vital energy. Save it. Never spill it on things that would not matter, let’s say, in 5-10-20 years…

Biorhythm Schedule

Biorhythm is very important for your health maintenance. After the New Year celebration, I had serious problems with that. My body got confused with the day and night cycle. I looked terrible. Always wanted to sleep during the day and never had that same desire during the night. Make sure you get that right.

Inhale Love, Exhale Gratitude

I have to remind myself to express my gratitude more often. Really feeling and expressing it. I have so many great things and people in my life that I am truly grateful for. I’m sure you have a longer list than mine 😉 Now seriously think of all of those great things you truly feel grateful for.

Thank you, destiny.

I know, today we probably have a little idea where we are going. But if we look back for a second, everything is starting to make sense. So what got us here, will get us there – our destiny. Thank you!

Never React With an Outrage on a Raging Storm

Try not to react to the things you clearly have no powers over. It’s useless. It sucks your energy out of you and is never useful. Just let it be. Think about the lesson that that situation has stored for you. Be grateful.

Bring More Peace

Forget gossiping. Forget about envy. Be yourself. Create yourself. Spend time on being at peace.

Peace World

“I care deeply about the world. Yes. I decided to not watch the news or read the newspapers. Because I don’t trust those sources where information is coming from and what the purpose of it is. I care deeply about the world. I’m at peace with myself. I meditate for the world’s peace. And what do you do?” – I finally replied to my friend.

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