How to Find a Perfect Soulmate in Unexpected Places

How to Find a Perfect Soulmate in Unexpected Places

And by “soulmate” we mean soul mat.This is an interview with Natalia Klimova – an aspiring yoga teacher that traveled the world and found her peace by relentlessly unfolding her yoga mat. Here’s what she has shared with us.

Natalia, tell us about yourself. Where do you currently live & how it is different from where you’ve lived before?

Hello, HavingTimers!
I am from Moscow originally, though, I love to think of myself as a child of the world.
I used to live in London, Thailand and two years ago my path brought me to Abu-Dhabi. London was a place of my dream, however, I wasn’t able to stay there. When I left for Thailand, I struggled to adapt and enjoy my everyday life. I used to live in constant comparison, judgment and resentment towards myself and others. What I learned is that my resistance didn’t help my happiness and wellbeing. It was clear, I couldn’t live in London and I decided to let it go and start enjoying my new place without looking back. I still plan to settle in a different country, however, I enjoy my life in Abu-Dhabi at the moment.

Have you found a sense of purpose?

Finding purpose is a never-ending journey of self-discovery. I’m still on my way. I guess it’s about following your own genuine and raw truth.

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What brought you into yoga & how did you decide to become a yoga teacher?

My life has changed ever since I visited Nepal for the first time 2 years ago. I fall in love with the country and its culture. The sense of peace, harmony and love which I experienced in the Himalayas brought me into yoga. A year after, I came back to Nepal. Naturally and gradually I changed my lifestyle (without planning or forcing myself to): became vegetarian, gave up alcohol and started focusing on my yoga practice. It captivated me and I’ve decided to go  on and become a yoga teacher.

How did you pick a proper Yoga School? 

I had no recommendations on the destination nor yoga course and relied purely on my intuition. I searched the Internet and picked High Vibe Yoga school organized by my teacher Emily Kuser. She’s one of the most inspiring, knowledgeable and beautiful women I’ve known. I couldn’t find any better place! Ubud is a magical place with blissful energy, the Yoga Barn studio where we practiced every day was a little paradise. I had tears of happiness first time I entered our yoga room.

What should you consider before enrolling on the yoga course?

There shall be at least a couple of years of yoga practice and relentless willingness to open your heart up and get ready for a life-changing experience! Nothing is the same when you commit to becoming a yoga teacher.

What were the challenges & blessings of your yoga journey?

Apart from becoming a yoga teacher, I went through a dramatic personal transformation. One of the biggest blessings of the training was releasing old and painful patterns which didn’t serve me well. Being with a like-minded group of people and creating magical energy was blissful and priceless to me. Everyone experienced raw, real emotions and we felt like one big supportive family.

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What did you learn about yourself through yoga practice?

I’ve learned that everything is changing and how not to stand on your own way when changes are unfolding before your eyes. There were certain asanas which back then seemed impossible for me to even think of trying to perform. It has a lot to do with a flexibility of the mind rather than a body. When the mind is quiet, there’s a joy inside me, which I ignored for a long time and searched it from outside. I learned to be accepting and grateful. Whatever your practice level is – be grateful. Wonders will happen. I started listening and honoring my inner organs. In yoga, we can hug our lungs and say hello to kidneys 🙂

What revelations did yoga bring into your life?

It teaches me to be more disciplined – to wake up every morning and roll up my mat or run to my class after long working day. Yoga shall be 24/7. Which also means that you shall practice compassion and kindness in your everyday life outside the yoga studio. It inspired me to help others to become healthier and happier – I started giving classes in my workplace. It feels great being able to share such this bliss of yoga.

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Do you find yoga being particularly helpful in your day to day life?

We tend to be more productive when we learn to focus. In order to perform yoga asanas, you have to be focused and balanced. I think it applies perfectly in everyday life.

 Photo Credit: Natalia Klimova

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