How to Help Your Parents Stay Active in Their Golden Years

As your parents get older, they may not be able to function as well as they used to. If you’ve noticed a deterioration in their health, you may be forgiven for thinking that it’s time for them to put their feet up and take it easy. However, regular exercise can not only keep your aging parents fit, but it can help them be as independent as possible. Also, when you factor in all the other benefits, such as reducing the risk of chronic disease, and faster recovery from illness, you will probably want to read on for how you can help your parents to stay active in their golden years of life.

The Benefits

We all know how important regular exercise is for our health, but for seniors, in particular, being more active comes with a ton of benefits.

Exercise helps to increase mental capacity, meaning that each part of your body receives more blood flow, which encourages cell growth.

Keeping the body strong is very important for an older adult, so doing a regular exercise can be a great way to improve mobility and strength. If your senior loved one suffers from poor blood flow or has trouble walking and breathing, simply going for a walk around the park or in the woods can be of great help.

Choose the Right Activities

Helping your aging loved one pick an activity they enjoy will give them the motivation they need to become healthier and more active.

There’s no point forcing them to do things they won’t enjoy, so make sure to listen to your loved one’s interests and hobbies so that you can find an activity that they will benefit from.

If the senior in your life is rapidly declining in health, intense sports or activities may be out the question, but going for a walk around the neighborhood can be just as beneficial.

Your loved one will be more likely to stick at an activity if it’s fun.

Check with Their Doctor

Before your senior loved one does any exercise, it’s important that they check in with their doctor first.

If appropriate, you may want to go with them, so you can engage with the doctor yourself and address any worries or concerns you may have.

Your doctor has a wealth of knowledge and expertise in health and fitness for seniors, so you are in the best hands. Some activities may be unsuitable, especially if your loved one suffers from a chronic illness or obesity. 

Slow but Steady

If your loved one takes on too much at once, it’s likely they’ll fall at the first hurdle. Try and make exercise more fun for them, especially if you want them to stick at it. Starting off slowly and aiming for small improvements is the best option.

Your doctor will be able to advise you further on how much exercise they should be doing and how frequently. There are lots of ways on how you can make exercise fun for your parents in their golden years, such as turning it into a social event by inviting their friends along or signing them up to a class where they can meet new people.

Keeping Them Safe

If your loved one prefers to exercise at home, you can’t be there around the clock to keep an eye on them, therefore, you may want to consider purchasing a medical alert system that they can have in their home, meaning that should they need immediate help, they can receive medical assistance within minutes. You can learn more about the devices here to help you find the right one.

If your loved one is unable to do rigorous exercise, even walking to the shop or going for a stroll around the neighborhood can be hugely beneficial for their health. To help your aging parents be more active, make sure that they pick activities that are suitable for them and that they don’t do too much at once. You will also need to consult with their doctor if you have any worries or concerns.

Being there to provide love and support can make the world of difference, allowing your parents to be independent and more active in their golden years.

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