How to Stop Worrying Effective Immediately

How to Stop Worrying Effective Immediately

Worry does not empty tomorrow of its sorrow. It empties today of its strength. – Corrie Ten Boom

How many of us occupy themselves with pointless worrying? When we are in the middle of it, it seems impossible to get a handle on the situation and turn things around. It’s like going downstream in a roaring mountain river in a canoe without a paddle. And the stream of worries just takes you down with no way of stopping. Or so it seems that way. But it’s far from the truth. And there is this awesome technique you should try that works…

How to Stop Worrying Effective Immediately

1. The More You Worry = The More Energy You Waste

The reason why worry kills more people than work is that more people worry than work. – Robert Frost

There are things that we put on our plate and focus our attention on. We also have an enormous amount of energy that we can unload to… you know, create our daily life. We can call it our “creative energy”.

So how does worrying look like? Imagine a sink in your kitchen filled with that creative energy that you need. Worrying is that hole in the middle that sucks the energy till the last drop leaving your creative bowl empty. Worrying is dedicated to leaving you high and dry. It gives nothing in return. The more we throw our energy down that notorious “worry hole” the stronger it gets. So why the heck should we feed that monster?! It is draining experience. ACKNOWLEDGE THAT.

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2. We Get EXACTLY What We Think About

Our fatigue is often caused not by work, but by worry, frustration and resentment. – Dale Carnegie

We are what we think about. Today I’m not feeling so good. Under the weather. I got up in a grumpy mood. Silver clouds in the sky didn’t add up to my “good mood” either. I went to the kitchen to get some coffee. Have poured one cup and as I was about to go and sit and enjoy that coffee, I tripped and spilled it all over myself. It was hot! I had to go and change my clothes. Then I realized that I had to CHANGE MY THOUGHTS.

Worrying pushes attention into scenarios of how the day, a month, a year and an entire LIFE might spin off. Those negative scenarios, AREN’T REAL. We are not driven by reality, but by perception of it. Those scenarios are a product of our imagination infected by excessive worrying. But those might become real if we choose to put enough time and attention to the matter. And why would we waste time on “creating” things in our minds that we don’t want in the first place?

Worrying is just that program that runs and spins our imagination. When we aware of it, we can turn it into something that would serve us better.

3. Away I Go to See The Bigger Picture

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When we take a step back to zoom out the problem that we created in our mind, it doesn’t seem that big and almighty. It doesn’t seem like there’s no way out. We see it for what it is. Zoom out in your mind and look into the face of the problem. Keep zooming out until it turns into a tennis ball that you can take and have a closer look. Doest this “tennis ball” of worrying and stress look intimidating?! It doesn’t.

Think about BIG world problems for now. Let them put your “tennis ball” into perspective. Think about BIG world problems that compel you to send your love and positive energy to those in need… Not to belittle a problem you might be up against now… But try and take your attention away and send your regards somewhere where it’s needed the most. The more love you send, the more love the Universe sends back your way. Send some empathy and love… and receive it back in disguise of an epiphany that will help you solve a problem. Then come back to your “tennis ball” with fresh insights.

It grounds us in the present moment. And then we see what’s important and what’s not worth occupying our mind with…

Use this technique any time you find yourself caught up in the middle of worrying. Let yourself be free from worrying.


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