One Powerful Yet Simple Idea to Turn Your Day Around

Turn Your Day Around

By Joanna Hulin

One Powerful Yet Simple Idea to Turn Your Day Around

All this time
The Sun never says to the Earth,

“You owe me.”

What happens
With a love like that,
It lights the whole sky.” ― Hafiz

Have you ever had the experience where it seems a thought or a quote is following you around? You see it once and think, I love it. Then it pops up too many times for it to go unnoticed.

This happened with the Hafiz Quote ‘And in the End…’ recently. So I stopped and said ‘Ok, ok, Universe, I’ll explore it!’.

I sat down and did just that.

My initial conclusion was to think of a friend I had been hanging out with. Someone who had given me time, patience and guidance at a critical point in my journey.

The balance of giving and taking… and almost feeling guilty for receiving.

Sitting with the quote made me realise how reserved I had been to allowing love to flow through me to them; I’d been fixated on the balance of giving and taking, wondering what they were getting from me, thinking about how I could give back; almost feeling guilty for receiving.

So I told them about the quote and my conclusion; that love, in it’s purest form, doesn’t trade, doesn’t bargain, doesn’t put conditions on anything, doesn’t say ‘I’ll only love you if you love me back’. Love is like nature; the sun giving to the earth, the wind carrying the pollen, giving and receiving freely in abundance; and how amazing it felt to surrender to that.

I took a deep breath and thought ‘thank you, universe, that was a great lesson, what’s next’.

But then the quote persisted; It popped up on Social media, blogs, the Wayne Dyer film The Shift, listening to an Inspire Nation Podcast… Until I had to say ‘OKAY, I’ll explore it again!’.

And I’ve realised, I was still looking externally. In all matters of everything else I’ve come to realise it’s never external, always internal; so why would matters of the heart and love be any different?

I was sat on the beach with my dog, staring out at a beautiful sunset when I realised; love, the sun, the earth, the light, the sky is inside of me. The unconditional, the deserving, the peace is in me first and only then, in its completeness, can the light shine out to others.

This journey has led through a quagmire of exploring parts of myself and realised I’d mistakenly considered insecurities as the bad part of me; the parts that needed fixing or driving out. Those seemed the parts of me that were so ingrained, from childhood, from other notable experiences that it felt utterly frustrating that I couldn’t just push them out.

Much like fear, I’ve realised, you don’t need to push them out; that requires energy and focus and by giving fear and negativity energy and focus, by proxy, you are feeding it to grow rather than allow it to be.

Our inner self, the self that is connected to everything, is always in balance, always in a state of pure love. – Joanna Hulin  Embracing Your Inner Self

Insecurities, fear, thoughts – are natural and normal. We all have and experience them no matter how happy, fulfilled, enlightened we are. It’s our relationship with them that is critical. Shifting our energy and focus from the surface of what is created by our conscious, thinking mind; thoughts, feeling and emotions to surrendering to the energy and connection within.

Watching all parts of my conscious mind at work without attachment and keeping a connection to the core of inner, unchangeable energy means they loose its power.

That inner self is the same, always, and never goes away; only our connection with it does…

The quote has helped me find a new and deeper understanding of the layers of ego that holds us back from living in a state of love.

It is our ego that says ‘you owe me’, the ego the feels short changed or hard done by, the ego feels a sense of lacking, fear, unworthiness. Our inner self, the self that is connected to everything, is always in balance, always in a state of pure love; perhaps when we surrender and keep our connection with that, we can light the whole sky.

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