One Remarkable Thing About Personal Healing


By Molly Larkin

“I stand before what is with an open heart. And with an open heart I dwell in possibility.” – Macrina Wiederkehr 

A few years ago, during a routine medical exam, my doctor found some abnormal cells – pre-cancerous, or what today would be called Stage Zero cancer.

She recommended laser surgery to remove them. Even back then, I was very holistic and didn’t want surgery of any kind, even laser surgery, so I considered my alternatives.

As part of my Native American studies, I had heard of prayer fetishes: objects that are created, personalized, and prayed over, to bring about a particular outcome. Taking a leap of faith, I decided I would make a health fetish as my path to curing my condition.

One Remarkable Thing About Personal Healing

As a child, my favorite doll was Raggedy Ann.  So I went out and purchased a small Raggedy Ann doll, carefully opened her up and placed a crystal inside corresponding to where my “abnormal cells” were.

For good measure, I also placed a pink quartz crystal where her heart would be, to help heal and open my heart.

I stand before what is with an open heart. And with an open heart I dwell in possibility

My Native American teacher, Bear Heart, was going to be coming to town to conduct a ceremony, so I asked him if I could bring my Raggedy Ann into the ceremony to support my prayer for my health. He naturally said, “yes.”

My Ragdoll sat on my lap during the entire ceremony. I got a few curious stares, but I knew that I was taking an important step towards helping myself as I prayed for my health in this sacred place.

Once the ceremony was over, the doll sat on my altar, a constant reminder that she was working on my cure. I also saw a homeopathic doctor and took remedies designed to support my immune system and health.

I had not had the surgery, but the abnormal cells disappeared anyway.

Three months later I returned to my doctor for a follow-up test. When the lab report came back, it revealed I was completely free and clear of the abnormal cells, and the report included these words: “The patient’s remarkable medical history is noted.” Meaning, they knew I had not had the surgery, but the abnormal cells disappeared anyway.

So how did that result come about?

I attribute it to what I call, “The shaman in us all.”

World-famous author and teacher of shamanism Alberto Villoldo say the term shaman “refers to medicine men or women who are the healers, teachers, and sages… Shamanism teaches you to follow your own footsteps, to learn directly from Source.”

Some definitions of shamanism reference-accessing the spirit world. Yet I believe we all have access to beneficial spirits by our prayers and intentions.

So we can access our body’s inner healer to bring about our own well-being, and call upon our angels and spirit guides to help us as well.

We can create a fetish from anything that is meaningful to us. There wasn’t an instruction manual that told me to use a Ragdoll; it just felt intuitively right for me.

Use your imagination and heart and pour your intention into it.


The energy around the full or new moons is an excellent time to create your fetish. Hold it in your left hand and use your right hand to project into it the outcome you are requesting.

And we can create fetishes for any desired outcome, not just health.

Additional elements for manifesting:

ONE: Clearly visualize the outcome you want: for me it was health!

TWO: Feel it — bring up emotion — find your passion. Know WHY you want it.

THREE:  Pray — ask for help, having faith you will receive it.

FOUR:  Take action to bring about your desired outcome. [Remember, I also went into the ceremony with my health fetish and saw a holistic doctor].

FIVE: Only work on one goal at a time so you don’t dissipate the energy.

SIX:  Say thank you when you achieve the desired result.

The intention, visualization, and emotion are everything. Have no doubt! Know that you have help from the unseen world.

“If you believe it, it’s true.  Period.”  – Arapaho elder

Many people are fascinated by shamanism. I think the real curiosity about this is because we all want to know:  isn’t there more to life than our 9-5 jobs, TV news and celebrity gossip? How can we experience higher dimensions of spirituality like shamans seem to do?

And it’s easier than we might think…

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