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Why We Hate Mondays

“The unthankful heart discovers no mercies; but the thankful heart will find, in every hour, some heavenly blessings” – Henry Ward Beecher

We expect many things from tomorrow. So many hopes and dreams are supposed to change for the better the next morning. Tomorrow is a powerful word. Tomorrow is a magical day full of ambition to change your life for the better. Every night we go back to bed with that bundle of “all good things” in our minds that have been transferred to tomorrow, and a sweet feeling of expectation of a new day slowly drifts us into… today.

Consequently, we wake up in the morning and realise that none of that list of “things to do” we created on Friday wasn’t magically finished by itself over the weekend. Naturally a feeling that tomorrow never comes and all we have is a continuing today sweeps through leaving us wondering. And a phrase: “I will do it tomorrow” doesn’t seem to be helpful at all. So let’s take a walk down the memory lane and think about one particular day of all new beginnings and why we hate it so much. That would be Monday.

Weekend Rules. Monday Sucks

Many people resent Mondays regardless how good or bad was the weekend. So when we barely drag our head off the pillow on Monday morning, we are not entirely ready to set our minds to a positive perception of reality. Because the first thing that pops into our mind is that bunch of tasks that we so lovingly transferred from Friday to Monday. Then the contrast of comparison comes along. Sure, Weekend rules and Monday generally sucks. That is a general conclusion.

Once a good friend of mine said: “Don’t you think that we live truly on the weekends and holidays only?” – applying the fact that he is generally bored with his work and nothing seems to bring him pleasure during his business week. But don’t some of you think that it would be a great idea to appreciate any day of the week and strive to make the most of it?

Waiting For My Real Life to Begin… On Monday


So where does that negative feeling come from? Why do we hate Mondays so much? This is simple. We all have that positive vision of how our life should be. We all have a plan that consists of smaller tasks to accomplish in order to change it. All of those positive strives for new beginnings are naturally appointed on Mondays. Moreover, the things we are not so keen on doing right now are also transferred to Mondays. This creates a habit of negative expectation of that day that mercilessly takes over once a week reminding us that we are not as productive as we should be.

“I’m waiting for my new life to begin… on Monday” sounds positive. But something is wrong here, can you see that? Why do we see Monday as some kind of judgement day of broken hopes and beginnings that never started? If we really want our new life, why wait until Monday? Let’s do something positive and epic starting from Today.

I Will Do it On Monday… Or Never

As I mentioned above, most of us have the tendency to transfer some things we are not that eager to do right now to Monday. Those things might be stressful or just plain boring. And the thought of having to do those things makes us hate Mondays even more. Appointment at the dentist, a very important meeting you are barely prepared for etc… That and many things magically seem to fall on that “Best day of the week”. This negative mindset is hard to change, but we can train ourselves to see it otherwise, to stress less over it and not to give in to this common resentment towards Mondays. Don’t delay till Monday simple tasks that can be done today. 

How To Be Fond Of Your Mondays To Come?

1. Pay Attention To Your Inner Monolog

Pay closer attention to how your mind talks, because you will sure be listening. Filter the things that go through. Cut unnecessary ones and replace them with productive stuff that will help your personal growth. Train your mind to see Monday for what it really is – just another day… any day is a blessing that we all should be grateful for, no matter what the name of it is.

Every Day is A Blessing

2.Wipe Out Negative Emotions

It is all about training our mind to see things from different perspectives. In order to do that we have to break the old filter, we are so used to see our Mondays through. Whenever you wake up and feel like smashing something to start your day with, calm down and have a positive image in store to replace the negative with the positivity of a new day, of a new beginning. Keep in mind that anything can happen today and be open to new opportunities. That positive image should be your anchor.

3. Relish a Garden of Positive Emotions

Keep your mind tidy like a gardener keeps his backyard trimmed and cut. Any positive emotion can be multiplied. Relish, grow and spread positivity in your mind. Make it your habit and be sure that your new relationship with Monday will bloom and blossom into a productive friendship to admire!

life changes quotes

Change the way you think and your life will change accordingly.

By Lesya Li
Photo by Margarita Kareva

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