Why Does Life Seem Boring Sometimes?

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Why does life seem boring to some people sometimes? It’s hard to stop and reflect now and then while carrying on with busy life throwing punches.

Believe it or not, I met people from different backgrounds and cultures who were really bored with their lives. Most of their lives seemed fine and successful and yet somehow they were bored with life. In fact, they were bored so much that they would have paid any money just to get their levels of amusement sky-rocketing again.

Have you had a chance to stop and think for a moment why life seems so boring sometimes?

Why Does Life Seem Boring Sometimes?

Been There, Done That

I have a wealthy friend. His life seems amazing from the outside. He is successful in his field. He travels. He does things. He jumps right off the cliffs, he parachutes, he dives deep in the ocean.

According to him his search for new amusements is running dry. To him, everything looks and feels predictable. He is stuck in this “Been there, done that” attitude when nothing seems worth a shot. Nothing new. And a sense of wonder is long gone and forgotten.

Even in a company of people where they are trying to connect with him by sharing their unique stories he sits there yawning dreaming about to be someplace else, and to him, all the people around are as predictable as mail delivery next morning.

To him, everything seems pointless. Everything seems not worth experiencing. He is secluded and lives in his own universe.

And to me, the approach to life like this is dangerous. It’s heartbreaking that someone would lose this feeling of how great our life really is. And, to be honest, I don’t believe that it ever runs out of wonders and new marvels to come across and discover.

 Lack of Achievements and Success

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Whenever we do something for a while that doesn’t bring any challenges and opportunities to grow, life can become boring. Naturally, outlook on life becomes narrow when we don’t grow.

And here we have only two options: make progress or make excuses.

Life throws some punches our way and it is a good thing if you see it the same way I do. Whenever we have some challenges to overcome, we feel better about ourselves proving that we were given this life because no matter how rough it gets we are able and we are succeeding in living to the fullest.

So the boredom you might experience sometimes should be sheerly kicked out by shifting your focus to new achievements.

Think about a set of goals you really strive for that really ignite everything inside you. Think about the things that really inspire you to go and improve your life and improve you as a person one step at a time. What is it? What drives you out of the boredom?

One friend once said “People are not lazy. They simply have ineffective goals – that is, goals that don’t inspire them.”

If you don’t like your job and it doesn’t inspire you, change it. The truth that hides behind doing what you love is simple.

Don’t Be An Island In The Ocean

Don’t be that island in the ocean. Some people are bored with life because they captured themselves in their own world hidden from other people. Don’t get me wrong. To be in your own universe is great! It’s cozy and safe.

But then comes that weird feeling as if your universe is shrinking and becoming smaller and smaller. Nothing changes no matter how many books you’ve read enriching your beautiful internal world. Regardless of the music you’ve listened to for hours, and movies you watched and re-watched… there is nothing there to replace the genuine connection with people.

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People are interesting. They are. People never fail to amaze me. And if you are a loner and life seems boring sometimes, think about establishing new connections with people. Or re-establishing connections with friends you once were close with.

Just call them, write an e-mail. Ask how their life is and genuinely be interested in what they have to share with you.

Shift your focus to people you care about. Think about how you can help them. Even the smallest act of kindness will make you feel better. And hey, that counts for an achievement you should be feeling proud of! Life is really worth living if you really care about others without expecting something in return. Do good, feel good…

Shift Your Tush

I don’t know about you, but the moment I feel bored, I get up and shift my tush. I do yoga. It helps to clear my mind, to move my awareness on the balance we all strive for internally. It makes me stronger. It inspires me. And after each session I feel brand new, inspired and refreshed.

Push the laziness away.

Think about taking up an activity. It can be anything of any kind! As long as you move. Just go for a walk to breathe some fresh air. And remember, that any emotion is crafted by the nature of motion.

That means that in order to top up your energy level, you should move, run and jump. Do any sorts of activities to get your mind busy again. Because overcoming the smallest challenges makes you happier and more energized.

Get A New Hobby

When we never do anything out of our usual routine (regardless of how well it works) week after week with no change whatsoever, everything turns into a bitter stew with a stale taste to it.

The easiest thing to do in order to develop your true potential and to add new colors to your daily life is to take up new hobbies and interests. Think about it! We all do feel bored sometimes. Or we felt this way in the past. What is it that you can do today that can inspire and improve all your tomorrows? Crafting, baking, writing, singing and piano lessons! All sorts of things to your taste are available now. And they don’t necessarily need to be expensive. There is an unlimited list of things you can learn for free on the Internet starting any day you wish. Everything is possible!

There is a good reason for you to be in this world so there is no time to be bored with life. It’s time to get inspired and carry on.

Inspired by Bridgette Macilwane, written by Lesya Li
Photo by Oleg Borshchevsky