What are You Willing to Give Up, In Order to Have What You Really WANT?

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Our mind is a giant blender. It’s obsessive. It blends our thoughts that once were solid, turning them into a puree. By stressing and overthinking our mind blends until the thought itself loses its meaning. It always analyses, worries and tries to predict the future. It always wants more. It always sees obstacles first, though.

It gives up. And then rises again.

Our minds stuffed worse than Christmas turkey with all kinds of things: relationships, work challenges, and school assignments. Our vision gets blurry, and we see nothing but obstacles.

We often feel as if what we currently do doesn’t fill us with any sense of meaning and purpose. And when we feel that way it’s likely that what we are doing is not what we are meant to do.

Our mind raises the alarm each day growing stronger, begging us to notice, to become aware. And then we look around and search for solutions. We want to change things for the better.

That’s when the question “WHAT ARE YOU WILLING TO GIVE UP, to HAVE WHAT YOU WANT?” stands out. And it will always stay there. It will be knocking on our mind’s door until we can’t ignore it anymore.

What Are You Willing to Give UP to Have What You WANT?

Take a moment to reflect. Imagine the busy world stops, and it’s waiting for your answer. What would it be?

What is your answer? Who or what would you have to let go of to move to the right place in the future? To the place where you were always destined to be?

Take an honest look. Where is your heart?

When we stop and reflect a good thing happens. A layer by layer we come closer to the truth. All the things we thought we should want, or other people wanted for us, that might have been well presented on paper, falls apart. In those shards of a broken mirror of reflection upon our life, we realize one simple thing. Though we might have been successful in what we were doing, or currently do, if it never filled you with passion or meaning – the only place we end up is a state of complete dissatisfaction.

Have you ever felt frustrated by the lack of a compelling sense of purpose? As if you weren’t applying your main strengths and assets the way you had to? Misplaced.

What Holds Us Back From Doing What We WANT?

Where does it start, you ask? Does It Begin with a clear awareness of what might be causing resistance within you?

You might be a hostage of your own (or someone else’s) limiting belief that of what you can or should do. Ideas like that hold us back. They prevent us from trying different approaches demanding us to stay right where we are. It holds us back and leads to self-sabotage.

As an example. I used to be an adept of a limiting idea that if I let people get closer, they would hurt, judge me or make a mess in my world. I locked myself in my universe. I was exploring ideas further enriching my mind with knowledge. I read books, watched documentaries, and music from ChopinMozart and Vivaldi was playing in the background the whole time. They became my friends. There was nothing I wanted more than to erase myself from the social map of the world. I shut myself down from people for years and remained in my world. Until it started to shrink. Solitude is a choice. But isolation is deadly. I had to get out and make right connections with people regardless of the limiting belief that held me back from new experiences.

I cannot imagine the set of limiting beliefs you might have. And might hold you back as we speak. But I’m well aware what it’s like to feel worthless and as if you have “nothing” meaningful to give to this world.

Not true. This has to change.

You are You with your unique blend of knowledge and skills. You sure have a lot to offer to this world. Never get discouraged by the limiting subconscious ideas. Or someone else’s opinions on how you should run your life. In fact, break free from ideas. Pause and reflect. What is it that you want to do with your life?

If what you do right now doesn’t bring up a profound sense of meaning, start trying other things. It’s insane to do the same thing over and over and expect different results!

There is no need to wait for the “right time.” A right time is NOW! Stop postponing your happiness until tomorrow.

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Where Shall I Start?

First, begin with a determination of your fundamental values. Take a moment. What are the 5 to 10 things that matter the most to you in your life?

Once your priorities are set, design your life that backs all your values, or the most of that list.

If you’ve been feeling misplaced, then show yourself out of that state.

Sometimes it takes years of probes and fails until you figure out where your passion is. Some on a contrary jump and plunge straight into discovering their unlimited power within.

The Truth That Hides Behind Doing What You Love

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What is the truth that hides behind doing what you love?

“I was in the office day and night. Business meetings all over the globe 3 to 4 times a week. I was so used to living in hotels, that I completely forgot what my bedroom walls looked like. Though I love traveling, my friends had the wrong idea about the whole set up of going with work. I visited many countries, yet I saw nothing but conference rooms and airports. I felt dissatisfied, and that was the reason to stop, think and make some new choices. Displeasure is what kicks us at first. It indicates that you have to take a closer look at your chosen path and change it if necessary.“- my friend Alena shared her thoughts on changing life’s path.

“I felt intimidated by leaving my comfort zone to start something new and meaningful. But the desire to create something new was greater than fear that was trying to hold me back. I realized that any limits I had were just a part of my imagination and fear. I always had a big imagination, but I never had a set of skills to express it the way I wanted. So I dove into the world of arts. I attended art classes; I met new friends and like-minded people. It was fun! I never felt so content in years, and that amazed me. It brought entirely new meaning into my life. Finally, I found that missing piece of the puzzle and felt complete. And from investment banking, I got into things I always wanted to learn. We can always learn anything we want.” – Alena continued.

You get in life what you have the courage to ask for

“I remember my first art lesson. I was nervous. My hands felt funny. As if they were made of rubber, disconnected and with no clue how to reflect my imagination onto a canvas.

The place I found myself starting something new and exciting and the place I wanted to be – seemed like different cliffs with deep fear in between.  And so I practiced painting 3 to 6 hours, and that’s when that bliss finally hit! I’ve found passion!

At first, my paintings looked like drawings of a 5-year-old, but I didn’t mind that. And I appreciate each work. And now, when my paintings are selling quite well, I couldn’t be more content and grateful for that leap of faith I took not that long ago” – Alena concluded.

Everyone thinks they have limits...

In conclusion

Honestly, look at your life right now. Do you like what you do? Does it fill you with meaning and passion? Does it make you feel content and complete? If not – have the courage to take a leap of faith and change.

What Are You Willing to Giving UP, in Order to Do What You Really WANT?

No matter how long it might take you to find your bliss, never settle until you do. The truth is, you are not giving up anything precious when you go after your happiness. The only thing you give up is your old life that made you feel unsatisfied and unhappy.

Yes, sometimes it takes years to become an “overnight success.” But it is worth every step you took on the way of discovering your true unlimited potential.

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