Did you Know These Useful Facts About Relationships?

Useful Facts About Relationships

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Life is an endless network of connections with people. Those relationships interconnect with each other teaching us something new by adding special ingredients that were missing in our life before.

We are a canvas where life puts its colors in a beautiful disguise of relationships with people. Without each and single one that showed up on our life journey, we wouldn’t have been who we are today. It is hard to be grateful for EVERY encounter in your life whether it was good or not so pleasant. But when our emotions switch off – we see things for what they are or were.

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Think of special people who made a difference in your life. Think of relationships that taught you how to love, how to give and how to care. They gave you lessons that no book has the power of giving. There is nothing more powerful as experience, even if someone sees experience as a mere sum of past mistakes.

There is nothing more powerful as experience, even if someone sees experience as a mere sum of past mistakes.

Did you Know These Useful Facts About Relationships?

1. No Such Thing As “Accidental.”

No person you have come across on your life journey was placed there accidentally. The same goes for you. You were never a random encounter to that person. We meet new people every day. We often take something important to us as a souvenir.

Some people test us and make us stronger. Some people help us to learn new things, skills and have new experiences. Others use us for their benefit, which teaches us a valuable lesson of trust. We should be grateful for every encounter because every encounter is a life experience that you cannot learn any other way.

2. You Get Exactly What You Give

Remember that formula: what goes around comes around?

It is both ironic and naive to expect something different in return of accusations, nagging and all sorts of hell breaking loose from your side. With all the rainbows and sunshine.

If you are seeking to understand your loved one, first try to understand them. If you find sincerity – be sincere in return.

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3. Why Struggle For a Place In Their Heart When They Clearly Don’t Want You There?

Have you ever been in a situation when you were trying your best to spend more time with someone, who wasn’t even willing to make some time for you? Or you were trying hard to make a positive impression on a certain person, and all they did was to look another way…

Why wasting your time to win the space in someone’s life when they stated clearly that they don’t want you there? Spend your time with people who deserve your attention and your time. And remember, we cannot recycle wasted time. Value your time.

4. Everybody’s Changing, And I don’t Feel The Same

Everything is changing. People and their needs, thoughts and even tastes change over time. So if your friends say you’ve changed since the day they last saw you – don’t take it as a bad thing.

And even if your friendship is decaying with time due to the difference in your interests and the way you see life – it’s not a bad thing. It is better to save a relationship by sending each other postcards than to try and squeeze an empty tube of friendship that, as a matter of fact, has nothing in common now. Keeping in touch is better than feeling resentment about how things were and how they are now.

5. Relationships Are Like Flowers

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Relationships are exactly like flowers. We should water them with love, attention, and care. Naturally, when we don’t, they simply decay and disappear…

We cannot expect for a relationship to be put on pause or ”autopilot” like many of us do. Relationships are never built by themselves. Love and sincerity, attention and care are the main platforms to build relationships on.

6. Learn To Forgive

Some people mistakingly think that an act of forgiveness is a sign of weakness. Well, that’s not true. There is nothing more liberating than words or thoughts: I forgive you. These three words are both liberating and empowering. By forgiving someone, you are releasing that heavy feeling and replacing it with a pure, weightless energy of love and forgiveness. Forgive more.

Forgive the people in your life. Release your heart from heaviness and move on.

7. Arguments Are Pointless

The less time you spend with people who bring nothing but arguments and stress, the more time you might spend with the people you love.

Hold your horses especially when an argument is with people you care about. Don’t let your anger and the feeling of unjust accusation fire back at them with the words you will regret later. Even the strongest relationships can be destroyed by one spilled word.

Arguments are pointless. They bring nothing good to your life. So why be a hostage of bad situations and soul draining experiences? You can choose not to be a part of someone else’s drama. Make a wise decision – don’t waste your time on pointless arguments.

8. Change Yourself, Not The People Around You

You will never change a person when he is strongly against that. Let people be who they want to be. Let them decide for themselves. No need to act like you “know it all.”

The only thing you can do is to set an example of your own. If you read good literature, listen to opera and love art – be excited about that, talk about that, promote the things you like to the world but don’t expect people to have same hobbies and interests just because you said so. Whether they follow your example or not – you are not the one to decide.

Just imagine how boring it would be if all people were exactly like you: same interests, same hobbies and same perceptions of the world. It’s great that we all have a mixed bag of interests, opinions, habits and perceptions that define us in our unique ways.

Accept people for who they are and try to respect that.

9. Some People Will Have To GO For Good

The absence of some people in your life can be beneficial. Think about it for a moment. The truth is that we need to let go of the people who contribute constant discomfort to your life.

If friends you were close to in the past only bring negativity to your present – you can let them go with peace. There is no need to cling to your memories of the good times spent with them in the past and suffer now just for the sake of it.

Change your circle of communication. New people bring new perspectives, new things to learn and experience.

10. Appreciate Those Who Never Left Your Side

Think about people who never left your side. Think about your good friends who always held your hand and helped you out even if you never asked them to. Now think about people who are currently here and now in your life. What do they bring that is important to you? Be thankful to them. They all made you a better person that you are today.

I strongly believe that the world is a better place with you in it…

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