Feeling Stuck? How to Kickstart Your Life From Today

Feeling Stuck? How to Kickstart Your Life From Today

The feeling of being stuck in the middle of a morass is familiar to everyone. Some people never get away from it at all and take the current state of sluggishness as a given. They stay in this numbing feeling of low energy, eternal tiredness without making any attempts to do anything to turn the current state of things around. Is this familiar at all?

We are banging our fists against the wall to move forward and often nothing seems to work. This morass is trying to pull us back and destroy any attempt to run from it. The morass doesn’t like changes. It prefers to drag you down while you are standing still, without any attempt to change or improve your life. You are stuck. But who said that you should give up?! In fact, never give up.

There are ways to move from the point where we are stuck. There are ways to kickstart your life today!

Simple Ideas to Kickstart Your Life Today

1. Where Are You Now? Where Do You Want To Go?

Look around. Take a good look. First of all you need to define where exactly you are in your life now and where exactly you are planning to arrive.

You might have some unresolved issues in relationships. You might have some troubles in your work, and your social life might seem like a road with bumps now and then… You want to change some of that. You wish to change it all.

Don’t try to grasp all aspects of your life once. Delegate and prioritize. One step at a time. One challenge after another. By beginning with something small, it will start making a difference in no time. Don’t rush. Move patiently.

Define where you are now and where you want to go from this point forward.

2. Find a “Tugboat”

friendship quote

There are tough challenges out there where we could use some help. When we are stuck it’s ok to find a “tugboat” in the face of your best friend, a family member or a person you trust.

Whenever I feel a little bit down I call my best friend and we talk. We catch up and go for a walk in the park or by the beach. Sometimes a tiny hour in the presence of a friend is far more helpful than countless hours of therapy.

In order to move forward, every great ship needs a tug every now and then…

3. Noted!

Whenever I feel the need to de-clutter my mind I grab my notepad and I draw. I draw a mind map. I draw the things that for some reason got stuck in my mind. I draw them out and away from my system by acknowledging each and single one. I make notes. I ask myself questions no one can answer more frankly than I can for myself. A notepad or a diary is a great inventory tool to keep you thoughts in order.

4. Meditation Helps

What can I say briefly about meditation? During meditation, our mind relaxes where at the same time our brain continues to work on a problem. So don’t be surprised when as the result you will get struck by epiphany about an issue that, at first sight, seemed torturous. Put on some relaxing music while taking a bath with aroma candles and let the meditation work its magic.

Even a 10 minutes meditation before going to sleep can improve the quality of your dreams and general well-being.

5. Google Knows It

There are countless resources and people with similar challenges. Not all stories are identical. It’s a fact. Nevertheless, the more you read, search and research – the more insight you get on solving your tough situations. The more you read, the more expensive your experience becomes. Countless ideas and opportunities. Get new ideas and strategies. It’s free to choose and to try what fits for your unique life.

6. Brain Storm

Take some time, a piece of paper and write down the ideas that torment your mind. Write them down. Look thoroughly through them. Brainstorming is a great way to find out a good road out of a messy situation. Among the buzz of countless ideas and solutions, there will be one shining through. That idea will stand adamantly from the rest. Use it. Use that missing puzzle to complete the picture.

7. Change of Decorations

If you think about taking up running, but your old buddies drag you down for some beers there are two things to take into consideration: your eternal resistance and your environment. If you want to kickstart your life with new exciting things think about changing decorations. Find people who share your new ideas and beliefs. Find those who will support your positive changes and will help you go through with that. Find those who will keep your motivation up. Never settle for less than you deserve.

Try to surround yourself with people who can help you. If not, at least surround yourself with those, who wouldn’t interfere with your plans.

8. All The New Things

It’s funny when we do same things over and over expecting new results from them. Naturally, if we wish to let ourselves free from the quagmire of stagnation we shall try new things and approaches. It concerns every aspect of your life: new recipes, music, routes, hobbies, goal setting.

It is the best way to break the cycle of a routine when everything seems to be tested, experienced and when life is perceived like it’s been stripped down from wonders. All same and old. Be in charge of your ship, and change your direction.

We have to go through the hard times only to realize how strong we truly are.

Sometimes life doesn’t give us something we want only because it knows that we deserve more…

Photo by Zach Dischner

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