5 Reasons You Need to Take a Cruise This Year

Cruises are an all-in-one vacation escape that deserves your attention. That’s because, in this world of à la carte options and do-it-yourself bookings, cruises require less planning. Just pick where you want to go and the experiences you want to enjoy. Then, let the cruise line coordinate everything for you.

Cruise-goers also tend to love every minute of the journey, instead of dealing with airport connections or long drives to get to their destinations. But, then again, these are only some of the advantages that cruises have to offer.

Here are a handful of reasons why you should invest in a cruise vacation this year.

1. Affordable Packages

The first thing you need to know about cruises is that they often present an incredible value when you add it all up. For example, your visit aboard a cruise liner includes your room, all meals, tickets to shows, transportation to different ports and more.

Depending on the cruise you book, you might get to take advantage of dance classes, wine tastings and select excursions included as part of your stay.

2. Extreme Value

The totality of how much you spend while enjoying a cruise isn’t always cheaper than what you would’ve spent had you booked a vacation yourself. After all, left to your own devices, you might opt for a less expensive room or save money on breakfast by eating at the hotel. That said, cruises present an excellent value when you add up everything they provide.

3. Multiple Destinations

One of the many perks of a cruise over a traditional vacation is your ability to visit several destinations on the same trip.

While you won’t be able to spend as much time in each locale as you would on a traditional single-destination vacation, you’ll get to see so much more!

In some cases, a cruise excursion will give you time to visit a few famous landmarks, while others will introduce you to places you would like to visit again and again.

4. Unique Experiences

However, keep in mind experiences may vary. Different cruises (and various cruise liners) offer their own exclusive range of activities. While some of these opportunities are common, like buffets or shore side excursions, others are more unique, such as activities for children split by age group — and other experiences are available for a price.

It all starts with the cruise ship itself. You can get a small room, or you can upgrade your stay to a large suite. Then, there are the add-ons. Many cruises give you the option to explore ports during your time at sea or before or after you set sail.

5. Convenient Travel

Finally, keep in mind cruises are convenient. You get to see several different places, but you only need to unpack once. This reduces some of the stress of travel and makes life a little easier, especially if you’re limited on time or are traveling with children. In fact, whether they’re age 5 or 15, many cruises offer activities designed to keep little ones happily busy, so you can have time to yourself to unwind or even enjoy a romantic dinner for two.

Make Memories on a Cruise

Cruising isn’t always the most cost-effective form of travel, but the experience, destinations, and amenities can help create memories for a lifetime. Make this the year you book a cruise. There are 2019 Alaska cruises setting sail throughout the year, so go enjoy the experience of a lifetime!

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