5 Simple Ways to Live a More Eco-Friendly Life

What can I do to be more eco-friendly? In today’s day and age, it’s important to be as eco-friendly as you can be. We’ve done a lot to bring the environment to the state that it is and it’s our time to fix it. ‌ ‌Greener and a better world start with you, in your own home.

Living in a more eco-friendly way is no longer impossible or hard. You can make some easy changes that don’t cost much time or money but mean the world to the World. 

1. Watch how you shop for clothes

The clothes you wear should also be made out of more eco-friendly materials. We often opt for polyester and acrylic fabrics without really thinking about how bad those materials are for the world and for ourselves.

Instead of purchasing cheap clothing like that, go for more organic and biodegradable fabrics which also cause far fewer skin irritations and problems.

Cotton, linen, hemp, organic silk, organic wool or semi-synthetic viscose are all good choices. The production of clothes made from those materials wastes much fewer resources and doesn’t involve letting chemical waste go into the environment.

2. Use reusable bottles

One of the most common problems in the world today is that people only use their water bottles and coffee mugs once. The bottles and mugs today are mostly made out of plastic and paper, so of course, you can’t really reuse them much or at all. This doesn’t mean you should go through new bottles and cups every time you step outside your house, though.

Instead, use reusable plastic or glass bottles and travel mugs. This way, you’ll get to enjoy a refreshing or hot drink everywhere you go and it won’t have to come at the expense of the world around you.

3. Use canvas instead of plastic

We’re all aware that plastic is the number one enemy of the environment right now, but we don’t really know what we can do to change that. You can start by stopping using plastic bags. Instead of going shopping with your regular plastic bag or purchasing them at the market, use canvas. These bags are much more eco-friendly, more durable, and therefore- reusable.

Shopping will be more comfortable, all your groceries will fit easily, and you won’t have to worry about being bad to the environment. The best part is that canvas bags can be very stylish and cute.

You can always find a style that suits you best and enjoy all the perks that come with canvas bags. You won’t even have to look long and hard to find your perfect fit.

4. Don’t throw away your appliances

When something stops working, it’s easy to just get rid of it and buy a new product. This is also the wrong thing to do, though. Appliances can break all the time but that doesn’t mean we should just dispose of them immediately. Just think about all the plastic that will take years and years to decompose. The case with most appliances is that they can be salvaged.

Searching for quality spare parts online will only take you a few minutes, but will save the life of your appliances and help the environment. That’s right, the case with most appliances is that a part simply stopped working. This doesn’t mean the whole machine needs to be replaced. Just find the broken part and fix the machine! This will also cost you significantly less than buying new appliances every time something breaks.

5. Switch to LED lights

Traditional lights are no longer in style. They emit a yellow light that can often give you headaches, waste a lot of energy, and don’t last nearly as long as they should. For all of these reasons, you should switch to the new and improved LED lights. The light they emit is much softer and less irritating. As well as that, they’re more energy-efficient. This means that you’ll lower your electricity bill and that you’ll be helping save the Earth.

LED lights are known for their durability, too. They might be considered an investment, but considering how long they last, they pay for themselves. The elevated price you’ll pay for LED lights, in the beginning, is nothing compared to the money you’ll save on bills and the energy you’ll conserve.


Being more eco-friendly doesn’t have to give you a headache. It might be hard to change your habits initially, but you’ll improve your quality of life by a landslide if you stick to the new regime. Not only will the changes be good for you, but also for your home and the environment. Being eco-friendly is a win-win-win situation that you simply can pass up. Good luck on your journey of making the world a better, brighter, and greener place. With these tips, we’re sure you’ll succeed.

photo source | pexels 

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