8 Simple Rules to Make Your Relationship Last

What makes a good relationship last a lifetime? A healthy relationship is everyone’s goal, and we all get into relationships to make them work. Everyone in a healthy relationship will thrive in every aspect of their lives. They will be happier at work, relate better with their friends and family, and will often be at peace. Healthy relationships can be established only when good foundations are set from the beginning. Also, the reasons for starting the relationship in the first place should not be selfish. It should be purely out of love, and that feeling should be mutual. 

So how do you achieve a healthy relationship? Here are some helpful tips to make your relationship last. 

#1 Good Communication 

A relationship where communication is free-flowing will thrive. Since you can’t read each other’s minds or “figure them out” all the time you need to speak up on any issue that comes up. Tell your partner how you feel, how much you love them, and what you expect.

If you don’t communicate your needs, your partner will never know. Your partner has to do the same for you because you will never know what is bothering them if they don’t tell you.

On some days you will need to know that your partner loves you and especially if those days are days of a crisis. You will also need to reassure your partner of your love, and this will not happen if you don’t tell them.

In the blink of an eye, everything can change. So forgive often and love with all your heart. Take no one for granted, for you never know what tomorrow will bring.

Actions indeed speak louder than words, but words need to be heard too, especially kind words because they always have a nice ring to them. 

#2 Listen to Each Other 

Another aspect of a healthy relationship is all about listening to each other. Know when to talk and when to listen.

Develop your listening skills and do not interrupt your partner when they are speaking and airing out their feelings.

Listen to them and give them all your attention when they are talking. Even as you listen to them, be respectful in your response. Even when your partner is angry about something, make sure your response doesn’t fuel their anger but calms them.

After you have listened and understood, act accordingly, and honestly. Accept the mistake, apologize, and move on. If it was a misunderstanding, explain to your partner and help them understand that it was just a misunderstanding.

#3 Create Healthy Boundaries 

Researches have shown that boundaries are important in any healthy relationship. They are not meant to make you feel neglected or trapped in any way. They are for the sole purpose of promoting respect and helping both of you understand expectations in the relationship. It is again vital to discuss what these boundaries should be.

The boundaries should apply to the most important things, like spending time together, sexuality, social, family, and any other thing that you feel is important.

As you set the boundaries don’t allow your partner to control you and don’t control your partner.

Keep remembering that boundaries mean respecting each other’s space and finding compromises to make your relationship work well. 

#4 Have Respect for One Another 

Respect for one another is fundamental. As much fun as a relationship can be, it will only be healthy if there is a deep sense of mutual respect.

Act in ways that are respectful to your partner that will inspire respect from them. Strive to treat each other with respect at all times, especially during crises and when you are angry with each other.

Value your partner’s wishes, thoughts, and feelings; it is one way of showing respect. Refuse to use degrading language, never blame each other, yelling at each other, use force or talk about splitting up or divorce every time you disagree on something. 

#5 Spend Quality Time Together

Quality time together is important for a healthy relationship. There is just something about meeting face-to-face and feeling each other’s presence that can never be replaced by digital communication.

Spending time together helps strengthen your relationship, and the bond you share with your partner becomes more unbreakable.

Do exciting activities together, and they don’t have to be complicated. A simple cup of coffee together every morning, reading together every weekend, enjoying music together every night or just simply enjoying a warm cuddle together.

Try new things together and enjoy them. Make sure you enjoy each other’s company when you are together. Let this quality time spent together be made of lovely memories that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Fill your life with experiences, not things. Have stories to tell, not stuff to show

#6 Appreciate One Another 

You and your partner should both feel appreciated in the relationship, or you will lose hope. It is the small gestures of appreciation that are meaningful.

Remember to say thank you when your partner does something nice for you. Do nice things for them in return to show your appreciation of them and the love they have given you.

Instead of constantly focusing on the mistakes of your partner, focus on the good things about your partner.

If you don’t know how to appreciate your partner, you can always ask them. In return, also let your partner know how you would love to be appreciated. Tell them how it means a lot to you when they notice and appreciate the things you do for them.

Appreciating one another will motivate both of you to work towards treating each other well.

#7 For Better and Worse Stay Together 

A healthy relationship will not buckle under crisis. It shouldn’t be all lovey-dovey when things are great, the weather is fine, you have plenty of food and money, and you are both as healthy as you can be.

When challenges come your way, that is the time to hold each other’s hand and see each other through difficult times.

When you overcome difficult times, the calm afterward will be so peaceful, and your relationship will be stronger and healthier than before. There will hardly be any storm that you won’t whether. 

#8 Be Loyal to Each Other 

Always take the side of your partner in every situation. Never rebuke your partner in public, but correct them in private. Also never succumb to cheating temptations if you truly love your partner. Stay loyal to your partner and let the whole world know how much you love her.

When the naysayers show up and say bad things about your partner or relationship do not listen to them. Both you and your partner should not listen to any voices except the voices of love from your heart. Cultivate trust in each other and give each other good and solid reasons to trust one another. A relationship based on trust will be as healthy and as strong as the strongest one. 

From the above tips, you now know how to build a happy and healthy relationship. A relationship requires hard work, and the above pointers should take you in the right direction, a direction towards wholesomeness and fulfillment in your relationship.

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