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5 Self-Improvement Books That Will Change Your Life

I have read lots of books. Some books I have read twice or three times. Some books I read once a year... To me, a good book is a source of inspiration. It's that breath of fresh air to your thoughts, the fuel that gets you going when you need it the most... To me, the definition of a good book is like finding rare, special friend, a comrade...

One Book That Will Change Your Life For The Better

Through Eyes That See Book Review. A couple of weeks ago I've received a gift from a friend. A gift that really made a difference. A gift that showed that immense support and understanding we all yearn for once in a while. It was a book by amazing Nadyne T. Hicks "Through Eyes That See". In that book I found a new friend named Darcy with whom each of us could find so much in common... it's astonishing!

45 Movies That Will Change The Way You See The World

1.The Pursuit of Happyness (By Gabriele Muccino) 2006 2. A Good Year (Ridley Scott) 2006 3. Pay It Forward (Mimi Leder) 2000 4. Stranger Than Fiction (Marc Forster) 2006 5. Knocking On Heaven’s Door (Thomas Jahn) 1997 6. Feast of Love (Robert Benton) 2007 7. Sweet November (Pat O’Connor) 2001 8. The Lake House (Alejandro Agresti) 2006 9. The Truman Show (Peter Weir) 1998 10. The Family Man (Brett Ratner) 2000