How to Use TODAY to Make TOMORROW Better

How to Use TODAY to Make TOMORROW Better  

No one really has a bad life. Not even a bad day. Just bad moments. – Regina Brett 

Have you ever had a bad day that seemed to be longer than usual and completely out of control? Have you ever found yourself in the storm of one lousy situation which was fast turning into worse? And the day seemed to be so long that the only thing you dreamed about was coming back home, falling on your bed and hitting your pillow with buzzy head overwhelmed with everything…

It happens sometimes. It happens to everyone without exceptions. When your day starts on a positive vibe then turns into something extremely opposite! Although it’s hard to believe in the moment, but the good news is that it never lasts forever. For now, lets skip the cliches about “the reality is the reflection of our thoughts”. This idea seems irritating when nothing goes the way you planned.

During the so called “bad day” our focus is way too scattered trying to tackle one bad situation after another. And our mind is just not in the mode for comprehending one or two positive affirmations despite how powerful affirmations really are.

First and foremost, in order to turn things around we need to realise that we are in the mids of chaos, we need to take a deep breath and switch the mode of our mind to make it ready to see things from a different angle.

For instance. The other day I received a call from a friend. From the tone of her voice I could tell that her day was anything “but peachy”. But instead of listening to her out I started bombarding her with all the positive “paintballs” I had in my arsenal.

I was way too fixated on the idea of FIXING HER fast. Because I cannot stand when someone I care about is hurting or going through hell. And all she could say in annoyance was: “Would you JUST LISTEN to me? I appreciate the help but the last thing I need right now is super positive Mr. Tony Robbins on the other side of the line.” As flattered as I was with the comparison with my beloved Tony Robbins, what she said really got me into thinking…

friends quote

The truth is, my opinions and the urgent strive to FIX HER were irrelevant. When someone is going through a hell storm, a simple presence and a pair of ears is more powerful than the endless flow of words. I didn’t understand that all she needed from me was to sit silently and LISTEN. She didn’t want me to fix her, she just wanted to be heard. That’s all.

Is it possible to make a bad day good? Is it possible to get over a bad day at all? How?

Getting Over a Bad Day: 5 Compelling Ideas

Is it anxiety, annoyance or a great deal of pressure and stress that you are experiencing right now? Trust me, I’ve been there on many occasions. What brought you in this state? Think. Evaluate. Set your feelings and emotions into words, put some labels on them to figure the situation out.

Think about the situation that caused you to have a “bad day”. Where did it start? Think about why things turned out the way they are and what possible experience it would give you in the future. Always try to DIG POSITIVE out of anything that is going on around you and try to remember that it’s virtually impossible to beat a person who NEVER GIVES UP!

1. Connect With Someone

Call a trusted friend, meet up, or just talk on the phone. Ask them to just listen with no “FIX YOU” attitude. It really helps just to be heard sometimes. When you are done with your story, ask your friend for advice if you need it. Often we are too close to the problem and it is difficult to see the whole picture objectively like others can see it from a distance.

If the last thing you want is talk, then grab a diary and poor it all out. Everything that’s been on your mind – let it all out. Materialise it in ink. It helped me on many occasions. When you write things down and then read them – it gives you an opportunity to analyse the situation from a distance. Chaotic thoughts turned into structured sentences can give you more chances to make sense of them. It also gives you a sense of spring cleaning your mind. When you write your thoughts down, your mind lets them go and doesn’t hold on to them anymore.

2. Get Physical!

If you are into running – go for a run! If you are into yoga – do yoga! Whatever you are into – get out of your head for a while. If you don’t feel like moving or getting super charged with exercise, by all means, go for a walk. Go for a walk and BREATHE. Think of a place where you like to sit and visualise while relaxing your eyes. It might be a pond in your favourite park, it might be a river or a beach overlooking the endless ocean. I find it therapeutic – the peaceful movement water… probably you will find it so too.

Atlantic Ocean, Rhossili Bay.
Atlantic Ocean, Rhossili Bay.

3. Taking Mind Off of the Problem’s Grid

“Drop it if it’s hot” – comes to mind. Such a powerful metaphor. Think about it. Let things cool off a little bit before making any sort of decision if it’s expected from you. In order to make the best decision possible, take a time out, take your mind off of the problem’s grid and give it a rest.

When you have way too much to concentrate on at once, it’s hard to produce a sound decision with respect to anything. Give it a break, release the stress of multitasking.

Watch something inspirational. Whenever I need new ideas but at the same time I want to cool off my mind a little, I go over TED and watch something that never fails to provide me with interesting approach or solution. Anything can help!

For instance, I watched this video the other day, when nothing seemed to be right… and it gave me such a strong inspirational boost which will last for a long time.

If you are not that much into watching something, think of a book you wanted to read for a while and… read it. Reading is a brilliant tool to release stress and provides you with a wide range of tools and new perspectives.

The main idea here is to give yourself as many positive emotions as possible.

4. Wash it Off

The other day I found something that works like a charm on Pinterest.

spa at home

When you get back home from work, poor yourself a bath and soak it all out. Relax. You deserve peace and relaxation. Treat yourself well, you deserve it.

When you relax, all tensions go away and suddenly you feel way better, relaxed and refreshed.

5. Hitting Reset Botton

Sleep it off. Nothing gives you more of a new perspective as a new day. Yes, it doesn’t mean that the problem will always solve itself (although I know examples where problems really solved themselves). At least it will give you a FRESH perspective to take it from there. Go to bed early, put relaxing music on, close your eyes, breathe and meditate. Relax. A new day will come and wash away all the things that caused you grief today and it will make you stronger to face a new day with refreshed thoughts and ideas.

Stay calm, stay positive.

today quote

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