How to Turn Things Around When Life Gets Tough

Turn Things Around When Life Gets Tough

When life gets tough just put your boxing gloves on. – Unknown

Sometimes it happens when we look around and see nothing but stormy clouds of steel and a constant rain of circumstances, people, deadlines, and depression. It sometimes happens when we feel utterly tired of being tired, and it seems like the very last ray of hope that things will get better just extinguished itself.

We want for the things to get better, but it seems like we have no energy to raise our hands to do something about that mess. We simply shut down from people and the rest of the world wishing for everybody to get away and leave you alone for a bit. Everything seems to be hopeless. But nothing is ever what it seems. We need to take a deep breath and think about the strategies to get out of this state of mind when life seems unbearable, tough and hard. Let’s take back control and turn things around. 

When I hear somebody sigh, ‘Life is hard,’ I am always tempted to ask,
‘Compared to what?’ –Sydney Harris

How To Turn Things Around When Life Gets Tough

1. Anyone CAN…

Anyone can CHANGE the way they perceive things that are happening in their life. You see, whatever happens – happens. It’s just the way it is. It’s neither good or bad. It’s neutral. It’s just the way it is. Our mind comes up with clues and a million of interpretations and runs it through “GOOD or BAD” filters. It’s up to us to decide what label of meaning we stick on that jar of circumstance.

If our mind runs in a loop where negative self-talk and thinking becomes a habit – it can be changed. It’s simple (but not easy). We need to train our mind to think differently. The negative mind will never let us live the best positive life possible. We have the power to change. It’s up to us. The only thing that we should have in our pocket is that striving desire to turn things around in our life even when we feel tired and a little bit demotivated. Take a deep breath and keep your focus on what matters. Stay on target.

2. Cut the Gossips and Negative Self-Talk

Gossips are nothing but time wasted unproductively. It consumes the creative genius of your mind. It also consumes your vital energy and shifts your focus off balance. We need to protect our mind from that.

Cut the gossips and all communication that add nothing of value to your life. Gossips and small talks about nothing are a petty waste of time here on Earth. And I strongly believe that we are here for a very good reason. To learn, to share, to teach and to be happy. Focus on positive sides In your communication with people and spread as many positive vibes as possible.

Negative self-talk doesn’t bring anything good either. Think about the things you say to yourself. If you had a friend who would say to you the things that you say to yourself, would you two be friends at all? Be mindful about that self-chatter. Focus on appreciating more of your good sides and cut yourself some slack about the things that are waiting for an improvement.

3. There’s No Escape

When things get tough, we tend to give almost anything just to “escape.” This is when alcohol, cigarettes, drugs, stress-eating, sleeping a lot, etc. come in banging on our door. But none of those things will cure the problem. Yes, we get our fix for a while. But in the long run we destroy our body and open it up to a wide catalog of various diseases. We become its hostage by giving up our control.

Why do we need all that? We don’t. All we need to do is to claim back control over our life. We need to stop running and looking for salvation in all the wrong places. We need to stop to face the music and see that nothing is as bad as our mind makes it out to be. And if we got ourselves into trouble, I’m sure we can manage to get back up and kicking. No escapes and giving up here!

4. Sportify Your Life

Emotion is a reflection of your motion. Keep that in mind.

Whenever you feel stuck – shift. It’s all about creating new perspectives to see things differently. I didn’t believe it until I tried. Whenever I feel down, sluggish and even slightly depressed I would go to a staircase and run up and down for 2-3 minutes. It flushes my blood, gives energy and refreshes perspectives altogether. And then I turn to my daily yoga practice that helps me get out of my head.

Whatever you do, move and create new emotions.

5. What is it ?! let go

Sometimes things and circumstances pile on top of each other and seem to be hopeless. Everything seems to be dragging you down.

But let’s stop for a minute and distance ourselves from the image of our life. Take a position of an observer and try to see the things for what they are. Let go of messy emotions, cool down your mind and take a closer look. To appreciate Monet’s masterpiece, we always take a few steps away from his artwork. Same applies here.

Our mind tends to exaggerate things or undermine them to protect us and our nervous system. It creates a bubble around us. Our mind always has a positive intention, you see? This is my we need to take better care of it and teach it new tricks.

When my mind comes up with something less positive that I would expect, I would say “Thanks for the reminder, would you mind to come up with something more positive next time”?

See things for what they are, not worse than they are.

Why do we see what we see? What lessons does our daily life bring us? It’s up to us whether we look and see the world through the glasses of fear or the glasses of hope and gratitude.

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