Following Inner Compass and Making Your Own Choices

Golden Compass

If you want to follow your dreams, you have to say NO to all the alternatives. – Unknown

I recently had an article about my mothers wisdom published on Tiny Buddha website. Its my first publishedpiece and its been exciting to see what a difference it has made in getting exposed to more people who can relate to the message we dont have to be perfect to enjoy our lives. The comments on the article have been positive and inspiring.

Of course, I called my mom to tell her she now has fans from all over the world. It took her a moment to figure out what I was talking about because shes not an active Facebook user and hadnt seen my posts being published. Surprisingly, she didnt scoff when I told her a few readers wrote to give her a kiss or thank her for her message.

Shes happy for me, however, I havent quite won her over to seeing my decision to drop out of the rat race and build a life I love as a good thing. In her mind living the best honest life involves: drawing a good salary, having vacation/sick time, heath insurance and a 401K. Shes not likely to stop worrying about my choice to follow this path until I generate a steady income.

However, she also seems to slowly be coming around to acceptance. I had been considering a part time job, but taking it would involve losing my unemployment benefits. Unemployment will be ending soon but for now its paying my bills and the part time job would not. There is also a lot of drama involved with the opportunity so I was talking to her about that as well.

As I was debating the pros and cons of accepting the job and losing unemployment, my mom surprised me by saying: Keep your focus on what you want to do with your life and not this job.I continue to be amazed at her wisdom and here she shows the most support for me Ive felt since I started this journey. All this time I thought she just wanted me to get a job.

If she were to read this, I think she would agree she just wants me to get a job. The distinction would probably be made between a part time gig and a full-time career. Yet I also know she wants me to be happy. I think she heard me when I expressed I dont want to be on my deathbed and look back at my life wondering why I never even tried to go for my dreams.

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Keep your focus on what you want to do with your lifeis a simple message, and yet has the potential to be profound. What I am passionate about sharing involves choosing your perspective, and so Id say keep your focus on what it is you want in general. It can be too easy to get caught up in the destination and forget the journey is what is important.

Choosing a viewpoint that lifts you up and serves you is essential. Does the way you are interpreting or giving meaning to something bring you joy and happiness? If not, why are you holding on to that interpretation? When we cannot let go of our perspective it is because we think that is just the way things are. We think we are reflecting reality.

Yet the reality is what we decide and what we make it. At least to some degree. I wont argue there are things that happen that may be out of our control and/or very real.What I will and do contend, however, is that we have more power than we realize.\

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Where is your focus? Are you seeing the things in your world that are going right or only those that you perceive as going wrong?

As I take my mother’s advice to live my best life and focus on what I want do with my life, I am reminded that I can choose to see the blessings in everything that happens. I am also reminded to make choices that are in alignment with the direction I want to go.

I havent always gotten along with my mom. When I hear my inner critic, sometimes it is her voice that is echoing in my head. However, I have learned to appreciate and love her.

When we can listen to the messages we are given for their wisdom, amazing transformations can take place. What messages are you receiving today?

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